Make A Wine Barrel Inspired Tray

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I wanted to make something handmade and personal for my friends’ wedding recently and I decided on an oversized wine barrel inspired tray.  I used a precut wood table top from the hardward store. They actually come in several sizes. This was the medium size: [Read more…]

Wedding Part V: Preview

We are back from my sister and Justin’s wedding in Charlotte, NC. Every detail was perfect: the bagpipes, my dad rolling a golf ball as he walked my sister across the putting green, my dad and sister singing Rocky Top as a duet, Sienna dancing for 4 hours straight! I am not going to even post photos from the ceremony or reception until Ash Little’s are ready….mine won’t even do it justice. But I thought I’d post some photos from the days before right up to zipping the dress!

Here are all the gift bags and welcome baskets my sister and Justin made:

Wedding Part V: Preview gift bags via
A stack of flip-flops for the bridesmaids so we wouldn’t have to wear our heels at the reception:

Wedding Part V: Preview flip flops via
Justin’s sister Jenny made all of the jewelry for the bridesmaids….

Wedding Part V: Preview jewelry via
…..and this Swarovski Crystal and pearl bracelet for Perry on her wedding day. Isn’t it amazing?

Wedding Part V: Preview bracelet via
Thousands of golf tees for everyone…..

Wedding Part V: Preview golf tees via
Perry’s shoes and part of her veil:

Wedding Part V: Preview Perry's shoes via

Sienna playing “pool” with her soon-to-be Uncle Justin:

Wedding Part V: Preview playing pool via

Perry with the guys bowling at Strike City. We had the VIP room with 4 lanes and our own bar which made it SO much fun! My dad and Justin’s dad are on the bottom right.

Wedding Part V: Preview bowling via
I finally got a chance to meet my 4-month-old nephew Cameron (my brother’s son):

Wedding Part V: Preview nephew via
The rehearsal was COLD. Here are the ring bearers Ethan and Brady (Justin’s nephews) and Sienna practicing:

Wedding Part V: Preview rehersal via
Sienna and my matching dresses worked out great! Here we are with Brett and Perry at the rehearsal dinner at Duke Mansion. My sister made the most amazing video for us all to watch with video clips and photos from the years.

Wedding Part V: Preview matching dresses via
Perry and my brother Swen. Sienna kept trying to sneak up the stairs.

Wedding Part V: Preview Perry and Swen via
Judy, Justin’s mother, used flowers from her friend’s farm for the rehearsal dinner arrangements.

Wedding Part V: Preview flowers via
My mom and dad at the rehearsal. Justin was telling how he had to track my dad down at a golf tournament to ask for Perry’s hand in marriage…..and finally found him in China…..but my dad corrected him that it was actually Australia. Whatever….it was STILL far!!!

Wedding Part V: Preview mom and dad via
Sienna getting her hair curled on the day of the wedding:

Wedding Part V: Preview Sienna's hair via
I took a photo of the photographers Ash and Harrison. I’m sure they’ll cringe at the quality of the photo. Aren’t they handsome?! They did the most amazing job…..everywhere I turned the whole day they were right there.

Wedding Part V: Preview photographers via
A gift from my Aunt Sharon to the couple. The photo is of our great-grandmother Mabel (Marjorie’s mother) and the carving set is over a 100 years old and belonged to an woman named Marie Ammon that lived on Hermitage Court for years who had no children. My grandfather’s aunt used to own a large white mansion on Hermitage Court long ago….it is now a nursing home.

Wedding Part V: Preview gift via
Sienna gave Aunt Perry a little gift before she walked down the aisle. A necklace from Hip Mom Jewelry with Perry’s new initials on it. The tag had a little diamond inset. Thanks Ann! She loved it! I added the ring charm that I had bought for my wedding years ago.

Wedding Part V: Preview necklace via
Helping Perry zip up the dress (she’ll love that I posted a photo of her in mid-sentence):

Wedding Part V: Preview Perry's dress via
Sienna being SO patient with her cousin Cameron before the ceremony:

Wedding Part V: Preview Sienna's cousin via
Right before walking down the aisle….Perry loves Diet Coke as much as I do!

Wedding Part V: Preview Diet Coke via
More to come soon! I’ve only been gone a week but it feels like forever! I already miss my family in NC though….and the following fast food:

Chic-Fil-A: Ate there TWO times
Bojangles: Ate there THREE times
Jersey Mikes: Ate there TWO times

Wedding Part IV: Countdown!

We leave in a few days! I’m so excited I can barely stand it. I’m almost ready to leave…..just checking stuff off my list.
I finished “Boo’s” flower girl dress today. I used Simplicity Pattern 4647….but seriously, who writes these things. Once I trashed the instructions and just tried to figure it out on my own… got a lot easier. Why do these patterns OVER-explain how to sew a piece of fabric together and then don’t show any detail for a zipper or slip? Who decided that was a good idea? I also can think of a million ways they could have made the pattern easier! No wonder so many people think sewing is hard……
Here she is after her bath….checking her reflection out. She said “I’m like Ariel!”….I think that means she thinks she’s like a princess. I was thinking of adding a flower or bow to the back….but her hair will be down so you probably won’t even see it.
Wedding Part IV: Countdown via
I had to add some “help” into MY dress: a little “help” in the chest so I’d fill it out!
Wedding Part IV: Countdown little help via
I started to pack…..which included picking out some of Mr. Lil Blue Boo’s ties to coordinate with our dresses.
Wedding Part IV: Countdown ties via
I’m totally allowed to be jealous of my sister’s engagement photos. I didn’t even HAVE an engagement photo. Ok….so I’m not that into being photographed…..but still. Ash Little just posted these new photos (click to see the rest) and I had to give him some link love. He is photographing the wedding too……can’t wait for those…..only one week left! My sister made almost EVERYTHING for the wedding so I can’t wait to share that as well (she’s uber-creative). Don’t you think Mr. Lil Blue Boo and I should renew our vows on our 10th anniversary so Ash Little can redo our photos?!
Wedding Part IV: Countdown happy couple 2 via

I also did some “loofah-ing” and applying of self tanner today! I’m so excited to not be prego in this wedding! Here I was 2 years ago in my brother Swen’s wedding. The dresses were an orange/ rust color….very pretty….but I felt like a HUGE pumpkin since I was about 7 months pregnant and swollen to the max!
Wedding Part IV: Countdown family via
I think my husband and my sister’s fiance could almost be brothers! They look a lot alike. It is funny because that is sort of how Perry and Justin met. We both were down at the LPGA Merchandise show a few years ago. Justin was a vendor and Perry was there modeling for Lilly Pulitzer (they were one of her sponsors). I was just there hanging out. We randomly met Justin one night hanging out with some friends and I told Perry “he’s SO cute! You have to get his number!” We tracked him down the next day at the show and the rest is history! They’ve been together ever since! We are all so excited for him to be part of the family….and a little worried that he’ll have to put up with all of us….although he’s done pretty well so far. Sienna is the MOST excited….she calls him “MY uncle Justin.”

Wedding Part III: Dresses and a Rad Engagement Photo

I made these matching dresses last night for my sister’s rehearsal dinner….both are versions of the Sienna dress. Mine is just an adult version I cut last night. Really simple and fitted….maybe a little too fitted….might need to invest in some Spanx LOL! We don’t have any full length mirrors in our house….so this little mirror in the guest room was the best I could do….

Wedding Part III: Dresses and a Rad Engagement Photo via
Sienna is a little grumpy today….allergies and a cold….but she likes the dress.

Wedding Part III: Dresses and a Rad Engagement Photo 2 via

Check out this amazing preview of my sister and her fiance’s engagement photo shoot. It was taken in downtown Charlotte, NC by Ash Little Photography. So crazy amazing.

Wedding Part I: The Ring Pillow

In 2 weeks we head back to North Carolina for my little sister’s wedding! I’ve got a lot to get done before then! Sienna and I finished the ring pillow last night. My sister sent me a ton of photos of what she wanted and a box of fabric to match her dress….

Wedding Part I: The Ring Pillow via
Here is how I made it:

I cut two 11″ x 11″ squares.

Wedding Part I: The Ring Pillow step 1 via
I sewed all the way around the squares using a 3/8″ seam and leaving a 4 inch gap to turn it inside out (large enough for my hand to fit in as well).

Wedding Part I: The Ring Pillow step 2 via
Then I cut two long strips measuring 6″ x 48″ and 10″ x 48″ and folded each in half right sides together. I sewed the long end closed using a 3/8″ seam.

Wedding Part I: The Ring Pillow step 3 via
I took the larger of the strips and turned it right sides out (I did not iron because I didn’t want any creases) and tucked one end into the other…..

Wedding Part I: The Ring Pillow step 4 via
……and sewed the two ends together using a blind stitch.

Wedding Part I: The Ring Pillow step 5 via
With a needle and thread, I sewed a gathering stitch all the way around the fabric “tube”…..

Wedding Part I: The Ring Pillow step 6 via
….until it looked like a large ruffled flower:

Wedding Part I: The Ring Pillow step 7 via
I took the square pillow and turned it right side out…..

Wedding Part I: The Ring Pillow step 8 via
…and marked the center using my disappearing ink pen.

Wedding Part I: The Ring Pillow step 9 via
I pinned the large ruffle flower to the center of the pillow attached it by hand-stitching it to the pillow in between the pleats.

Wedding Part I: The Ring Pillow step 10 via
I repeated the entire process using the smaller fabric sleeve.

Wedding Part I: The Ring Pillow step 11 via
I “smushed” the small ruffled flower into the pleats of the large ruffled flower and hand stitched them together.

Wedding Part I: The Ring Pillow step 12 via
I cut a 4″ circle from the fabric….

Wedding Part I: The Ring Pillow step 13 via
…..and stitched around the folded edges….

Wedding Part I: The Ring Pillow step 14 via
….to form a small yo-yo.

Wedding Part I: The Ring Pillow step 15 via
I placed the yo-yo face down into the center of the ruffled flowers and used a blind stitch to attach.

Wedding Part I: The Ring Pillow step 16 via
I took the shadow box I made of my grandfather’s military things from our photo wall……

Wedding Part I: The Ring Pillow step 17 via
….and used his United States Navy pin for the center. He passed away in 2003 suddenly and I always thought he would live to see all his grandchildren get married.

Wedding Part I: The Ring Pillow step 18 via
My sister wanted some bling, so I added some rhinestone buttons.

Wedding Part I: The Ring Pillow step 19 via
Here is my little helper before bed handing me buttons as I sew….we look so disheveled, oh wait, we always look disheveled!

Wedding Part I: The Ring Pillow step 20 via
Lastly, I sewed a small ribbon between the ruffle layers for the rings to be tied on with.

Wedding Part I: The Ring Pillow step 21 via
One ring pillow finished!

Wedding Part I: The Ring Pillow step 22 via
Next project: Sienna’s Flower Girl Dress….I’m drowning in tissue paper….this is scary….I can’t even figure out how to cut the fabric!

Wedding Part I: The Ring Pillow next project via