Itty Bitty Cork Stamps

I love making little, itty, bitty stamps from wine corks. Not surprisingly, it seems the better the wine the better the cork. So each stamp probably ends up costing me about $20 to make.  All you need is a wine cork, a pen and an exacto knife. To make a stamp pad, I use an old wash cloth and pour a little acrylic paint on a 1″ x 1″ area…the wash cloth soaks up the paint just enough so you can dab your new cork stamp on it without saturating it with paint. Draw your design on the top of the cork and carve it out carefully using the knife. Do a couple test stamps to see if you need to keep carving!


Itty Bitty Cork Stamps via
This morning I made a cute little cheese stamp to make little labels for a cheese platter. The card holder is a wine cork that I cut in half and sliced a 1/8″ cut in the top.
Itty Bitty Cork Stamps 2 via


  1. Mandy says

    Super great. Steal-worthy for sure. I normally just make a cardstock tent for w/c parties, but this I will try next time!

  2. Ashley says

    Wish the cork stamps were my idea but I saw them in a journaling book a few years back and started making them! Aren’t they SO cute though! Much better than potato and carrot stamps…. because you can keep them forever 😉

  3. Wendy says

    Love this!

    I do a lot of stamp carving (portrait stamps are my favorite) and this seems so easy and fun and great for little hands to hold.