Trip Treasures

We spent a wonderful week with family recently in Newport. I thought this post would be a great way to end the day today after the sad news. We have so many great memories from this trip last week:



Boo learned to make drip castles:



She walked with Daddy on the rocks:


Is anything more fun than watching kids play on the beach? Here is Boo with a few of her cousins and her Uncle Jason….and our big red tent in the background that Lisa let us borrow for the week:



On all of our past vacations it’s been tradition to bring home a rock:



But Boo now finds entire collections of things she wants to save…..shells, feathers, driftwood:


Now instead of a rock, she’ll have a jar of memories from each trip. I took a jar that I was going to recycle and spray painted the lid white……this way I can make all future jars match and coordinate.


A colored pencil and pen transforms a basic white label:



Boo filled her jar with all her treasures (after we aired them out for an entire day since I didn’t notice she collected a LIVE clam….rest in peace horribly-stinky-dead clam):


Trip treasures…..labeled and stored for years to come:



How do you store your treasures from vacations and trips?





  1. Donna Carver says

    Precious! It makes me so happy to see how lil Boo is experiencing the wonders of growing up in such a happy home. Hats off for you being a great role model to inspire me to be more crafty with my girls.

  2. Amber Levinson says

    I scrapbook and keep everything from our trips in them. Brochures, tickets, anything to go with pictures we take. Trici likes rocks too. I may have to try the rock labeling thing! She would love that! You are always so full of wonderful ideas!

  3. Lindsay B says

    My little ones love rocks – this is a perfect idea! I can imagine our shelves will be lined with jars in not too long!

  4. Jen says

    So sweet, one of the things my mom has us do is paint a rock every year at least 1 has to have our name and the year on it, and then we paint some with a picture and we put the year and names on the bottom. It’s fun to see how our taste have changed over the years. My Mom started it in 99 the same year my husband and I started dating (we were 18 and 17). So we laugh b/c my rocks from that summer are all loving dovey Mike and Jen… and his are all manly boy stuff on a rock. The rock garden is so big now she had to make some room this year my dad helped her frame it in too it looks so pretty. My little cabin across from her has the first couple of years in it’s little garden. We even cover the rocks with a tarp every winter to protect the rocks.

    I love the jar, I will need to try this!

  5. says

    What a wonderful idea! I love the rock idea too. On our last trip to the beach we collected a TON of seashells and some sand, and they have been sitting in a box waiting for me to think of something. This is the perfect idea. Thanks!

  6. Kristina Churchill says

    We have very old Mason Jars, that are the most beautiful blue color. We also collect miniature shells, interesting looking rocks and sea glass. One of our families most treasured items ever! Thinking of you and wishing your family healing of the heart and soul!

  7. shari says

    love the idea of jars. then over the years you can have shelves just lined with these things and how pretty would that be! :) Then when she is 22 and moving into her own place she’ll ask you to store them for a few more years. 😉 and by the time she’s 40 she’ll beg to have them all back to show her kids :) xo

  8. Shelley C. says

    Love this idea! We are going to the beach very soon. Can’t wait for Sophie to make her very own treasure jar! Thanks for sharing!

  9. krista says

    Love this! We do the same. A rock, drift wood, shell, stick…whatever their little hands discover. They sure have more meaning than any coffee mug or magnet. :)

  10. Peggy says

    My boys are in college now, but we took them on tropical vacations every year – still do – and we always brought back a small ziplock full of beach sand in addition to all the usual shells and trinkets discovered on our adventures and piles of photos. I put the sand in glass bottles with cork tops from Pier I, labeled each with the beach name and now they all sit on a shelf in my son’s room since he is a born collector. However, now that he is away at college, I am going to move the shelf out into our family room. It’s amazing how sand differs from beach to beach. I also collect anything that could pass as a Christmas ornament from every vacation we go on. Every year while decorating the tree we talk about all of the places we’ve been and things we’ve done.

  11. o says

    The rock idea is cute. Those would be a fun thing you could take with you from home to home when you move and grow the collection over the years.

    The jars are cute. I wonder if there’s a cute way to combine every vacation into one jar, maybe putting a glass or gel layer between each layer of beach… then you’d have layers of beaches in one compact jar.

  12. says

    Lovely idea! The family and I are going in a couple weeks and we are going to do a trip journal where they narrate what they did at the end of each day, what they saw, maybe add some pics…but this is cute to have something they can look at as a reminder everyday. I also love that it is such a personal souvenier, much better than something you can buy in the store. I think we will have to do this too! Love your pics too!

  13. says

    I “store” my treasures by putting photos in a collage. Walmart has many inexpensive options. Most times I just get an 8X10 with my favorite pics and put it in my kids rooms. They have many options: mugs, mouse pads, etc. I think they make great presents.