A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage (The Download)

I’m the first to admit that I’m not the easiest person to live with. I’m pretty strong willed and opinionated. I go off in a million directions….a million times a day. One day I decide to simplify and give almost everything away….and the next day I’m calling Mr. LBB to pick up random “treasure” I found on the side of the road.  I’ll take over the guest bedroom with my “yard sale” pile rising to the ceiling….then an eBay box will arrive that same day with 5,000 buttons.  I cook the same thing almost every night regardless of requests.  I’ll decide we watch too much TV one week and the next I’ll watch 23 movies.  Our master bed is covered in 14 books at any given time…..along with a few goldfish, G-2 gel pens, clean laundry etc….it’s amazing that hubby can find room to sleep in all of that.  I sabotage the Netflix queue and fill it with random documentaries and subtitled films.  I don’t think I could live with me….but somehow Mr. LBB puts up with all of that.

Recently he said: Do you think you could make sure to turn off the shower light in the morning? It usually stays on all day. So I know that really bothers him.  And I go to extreme efforts to make sure I turn that light off…..OCD checking a few times a day.  Because….wow….that’s easy. 

No one has a perfect marriage…and we all have annoying quirks and habits that probably drive our other half crazy.  I guess the best we can do is to make up for those in other ways, right?

Some of you had asked for the printable version of this image. It prints onto 8.5×11 paper but will fit into an 8×10 frame (the website footer isn’t visible when framed). Enjoy! (click here to download if you have trouble downloading it below)

A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage (free printable version now available) via lilblueboo.com #gifts #wedding #diy


Speaking of printables Stephanie Corfee illustrated this beautiful 10 Commandments printable.  It’s now available in the shop. Download, print, display.  I asked her a while back if she could come up with an illustrated piece of art that I could hang in my home after having that discussion with my pastor on the 10 commandments.  Stephanie always come through with something amazing!



Ten Commandments Print Download by Stephanie Corfee via lilblueboo.com #printable #christianity #quote


  1. Launda says

    Oh, Ashley I laughed when I read this because you could have been talking about me! I don’t know how my husband puts up with me either but I sure am glad he does. Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one


  2. says

    haha, atleast now netflix has user accounts for each…which i love so now i can fill mine with all the random funny stuff i like to watch (that the hubs thinks is stupid) and not have tons of little kid cartoons showing up

  3. says

    Hello Ashley,

    Oww heck..About a year or so I didn’t visit this blog and I missed so much stories!

    Glad that you’re fine now :)

    Talking about sabotage, I sabotage most of all my hubby’s
    I wake up all night long just to use his notebook and internet account
    And then become too sleepy at the morning to cook breakfast ~_~

    And thank you for the printable. It will be a great poster to be hung at my cubicle

    Hugs from Indonesia,

  4. Lyndsey says

    Hi, Ashley! I’ve been a lurker for a while. I just don’t comment on things often. I don’t know why. But I just read the post you left on kind words the other day and I had to tell you that I know exactly who you’re talking about. I was on my way to Ireland and had to catch a connecting flight in Charlotte. She was so sweet and unexpected, and she took the time to tell me that I was pretty. She didn’t have to say anything to anyone. She could have just gone on about her job, grumpy about cleaning bathrooms all day. But she was friendly and cheerful, and you’re right, she probably only gets a response 1 out of every 10 times. What a lovely person, and I’m glad that someone who has a following has met her and mentioned her, so now your readers all know that she is out there, and that she is appreciated.

  5. Amanda Castro says

    Hi! Just wanted to say I absolutely love your blog, and that I find your story so inspiring!

  6. Jane says

    I really needed this appreciation piece about the attendant in the Charlotte airport. All of Labor Day weekend I have been trying to take a snarky response from a girl who works in the office next to mine and put it into an imaginary “empty boat” and send it on its way. I needed information from this girl and she really gave me quite an attitude about it. I kept thinking about it off and on all weekend…why did I get the snarky attitude when all I was doing was trying to get the information I needed to do my job. I haven’t figured it out and never will…but reading the comments about how rude people are even in other areas of making a living helps to let me not take it so personally. I just wonder why these folks feel that a snarky attitude is the way they chose to go through life.

  7. Marie in BR says

    Thank you so much for the printed version, I was one of those people who couldn’t wait to hang your wisdom on my wall. I have to constantly remind myself that my husband doesn’t have to do everything the way I would. He is gracious enough to say that if I have a system for something you can bet its the most efficient and time tested way of doing something. Right done to rolling up the garden hose:):)

  8. Amie Johnson says

    Oh how I loved this post! Thank God I’m not the only one out there! Last year I bought a juicer and decided we were all going to be vegans. Then about a week later I ran to Walmart at 1am and came home with hotdogs and Little Debbie Cloud Cakes. I too, have given away nearly every possession in the name of “new found simplicity”, only to find myself dropping $300 at the thrift store a week later. My poor, amazing husband puts up with all this crap. I spent about $200 on running clothes last year, only to drop dead after less than a week of pounding the pavement. He knows I mean well, I just sometimes get a little TOO excited about an idea, lol. Anyway, love your stories, they remind me that I’m not the only weirdo out there. :)