The Li’l List

A Li’l List of new and favorite things to share!

Anna from Noodleheads made this adorable peasant dress with one of my favorite patterns from Leila and Ben. She used the Lil Blue Boo Li’l Leggings pattern for the cute striped pants! Love this outfit!

I just got some goodies in the mail….one package was from a favorite upcycled clothing store: Dress Me. Check out Boo’s newest t-shirt! Pieced and blocked from recycled knits!

I’ve been trying to add more upcycled items of my own for boys… are some silk screened appliques from recycled t-shirts I made this week…..aren’t they cute?

I love Zazzle! I added my Swedish Dala horse graphic to some shoes for Boo:

We are still loving the ones with Li’l Mei and on them:

Finally, next week is Lil Blue Boo’s Two Weeks of Photography! Photography has come a long way. Years and years ago my father worked for Photo Corporation of America….he and a few friends left and started a photo company called American Studios which put photo studios into WalMart. As a baby I was used in many of their ads…..these are from around 1977/1978….check out the sitting fees and prices…..this was before digital too!

I found this cool sheet of photography stamps my dad gave me when I was little for my stamp collection:

I grew up around photography….but it was all now antiquated studio photography. I’m so excited about the next two weeks and ready to update my photography skills! Lisa has put together an amazing two weeks of posts…..and it all starts on Monday! Guest bloggers, tutorials, fun products, downloads, giveaways etc!



  1. Gabby says

    Awesome (on all of that). Love the shoes. That's really cool that you were in those ads. Can't believe so little money went so far back then! I have been anticipiating the two weeks of photography posts and can't wait.

  2. Holly says

    I LOVE those stamps! They'd be cool in a collage or even scanned and used for digital scrapbooking.

  3. Natasha Klein says

    I have some old catalogues 1800s eatons and 1960-70-80 sears they are so fun to look through !

  4. Cheryl @ a pretty cool life. says

    I'm always in shock when I see what things used to cost…it doesn't seem that long ago! I'm old!!

  5. the monkeys' mama says

    i LOVE this post so much because it gets me really excited! those boy shirts are great and I'm SUPER excited for the photography weeks! yay!

  6. Anna says

    thanks for sharing n's leggings! :) the photography stuff sounds fun and that's so cool about your dad.