"Nix the Auto" Photo Contest!

The only way to get better at taking photos is to practice. Now that Gayle Vehar has taught you how to use the manual function on your camera, you have no excuses for staying in auto mode 😉 Professionals, show us your best photo….we want to be inspired (because we are pretty sure you aren’t shooting in auto). Here is an example of photo I took using some of Gayle’s tips to get a nice exposure. I’m shooting wide open so that my background is super blurry.

Now we want to see YOUR photos taken in manual mode!

Photographers of ALL backgrounds are welcome to enter! Whether you just picked up the hobby yesterday or you have been in the business for a while, we want to see how you shoot in manual. To be fair, we will be splitting the entries into two categories: amateur and professional. We will upload your photos to the Lil Blue Boo Facebook page and then the voting will begin! The top 10 photos from each category plus 5 photos from each category that Lil Blue Boo feels should go onto the final round will be judged by Gayle Vehar. She will have the difficult job of selecting a winner from each category!

Winners from both the amateur and professional categories will receive a custom designed Lil Blue Boo outfit (boys or girls) and a feature on the Lil Blue Boo blog! Winner of the professional category will get a month of free advertising space on the Lil Blue Boo sidebar (over 12,300 weekly visitors)!

To enter:
1. Email your favorite photo taken in manual mode to lisa @ lilblueboo dot com. Please let us know how you would like to be recognized, if you prefer to be anonymous that is fine. Watermarks are welcome on your photos.
2. Please designate “amateur” or “professional” category.

The deadline for photo submission is Friday October 29th. International entries are welcome.



  1. the monkeys' mama says

    oh my! I'm going to go on a photo shoot tomorrow AM with my daughters! Can't wait!

    PS Are we only allowed one entry?

  2. Crafty Mom says

    I just want to say I'm loving this photography series and I'm bookmarking all of these posts! I just a DSLR a couple of months ago. I'm LOVING it!

  3. Jen says

    Love Gayle, goiing to unload my camera tonight and see what I have. I'm so pround of myself since reading Gayle blog a few motnhs back, I have yet to use the Auto EVER of my DSLR. What is the limit for entries?

  4. Ashley says

    One entry per person, and anyone can enter as long as your photo was taken with manual settings :-)

  5. julie says

    Okay, fine, you've inspired me. I always shoot with my shutter speed and focus on auto, but now I'm going to go the full monty on manual.

  6. Synnøve says

    Sounds like fun…. I would like to join the contest, but I guess shots taken in Av or Tv is not allowed? :)

  7. the monkeys' mama says

    eek! I chose a photo from more than a year ago but it's one of my all time faves. i'm so nervous about submitting it so i'd like to tweak it a bit before sending it in–is editing software allowed? I use Picnik.