Spray Painted Leggings (A Tutorial)

I helped Boo make some spray painted leggings this weekend….she was so excited to be the designer of her own clothes!

Materials needed:
2 bottles of Simply Spray
A pair of white or light colored leggings
A stencil
or doily

Note: The stencil is actually a “glimmer screen” from Tattered Angels. We have a bunch of these screens….the designs are great. But you could easily use a doily or some lace.

The process is easy, lay out the stencil and mist the fabric paint over top of it. Move them around as you go.

If you don’t blot your stencil in between layers you’ll get the big splotches like you see on ours as the paint drips off….but we happen to like messy happy mistakes. Let the front dry and then flip the leggings over to repeat on the back side. Simply Spray paint doesn’t need setting, just wait a few days before washing!

The proud designer:


  1. Tracie and Jessica says

    I used some of this fabric spray paint around Halloween to make a "cheshire cat top"! At the time I thought how easy the girls (aged 2 and 4) would love this but then forgot! They would REALLY LOVE this project! Thanks for the post can't wait to let my little artists get to work!

    Love and Hugs, Jess

    PS. Cheschire cat and alice in wonderland costumes blogged about here…


  2. Jen says

    So funny I was going to do something just like this, this weekend. One of the preschoolers at the school I work in had these totally cute tie-dyed legging this week my plan is to make both my girls a pair…. too funny. I might try this too!

  3. Heather Lousie says

    Looks like it is easier to get her to model if she is the designer. :) Great tutorial. Love your blog. Your are to blame for me restarting my sewing addiction. Thank you.

  4. Free Pretty Things For You says

    I LOVE simply Spray!!
    they sent me a Big box of their products like 2 months ago.. I cant WAIT to get some glimmer screen products!!

    these turned out Fabulous!!

  5. black bear cabin says

    what a cute idea…and what a great way to fix up stained leggings instead of tossing them :) i cant wait to pick some up and try this out…thanks for the tip!

  6. Brianna! says

    super adorable
    would it be ridiculous for a 22 year old to wear something so colorful??

    which I guess you could always use some neutrals to make some


  7. supgrl1000 says

    Wow! What colors did you use? You have a great sense of color combinations. You really have an eye for colors! Love this project.

  8. .raw potatoes. says

    OK, I will be doing this with the diva princess in my house very soon! When I inevitably blog about it, I will link back 😉

    thanks XOXO

  9. arg says

    I love this idea but can they be put in the dryer once they're set? i looked at the paint website and it says it's washable, but it doesn't mention drying.

  10. Nina H says

    omg i can actually get this spray paint in the UK. One to remember for when my little girl is a bit older. Thank you.

  11. Donna M says

    Do you remember what 2 colours you used? These colours together look great. Looked on website but hard to see what colours are the same as the 2 you used.

  12. Janet says

    Thank you for the fun project to do with my daughter this summer! Already have a pair of white shorts begging for color-I was planning on tie dye, but this looks like a great time for her!