Vintage Camera Applique (Free Download)

Vintage camera applique download via

Since bringing out my dad’s old film Nikon last weekend I’ve been thinking about making Boo a new camera shirt.

Vintage camera applique download inspiration via

Here’s what I came up with! You can click the image below to download the PDF template to make one for yourself if you like:


Vintage camera applique download template via

I printed off my template:

Vintage camera applique download printed via


I ironed Pellon Wunder Under to the backside of several different fabrics…..

Applique Wunderunder via


…….and cut out my pieces:


Vintage Camera Applique Pieces via


The pieces are numbered on the template…..that is the order that I placed them on a shirt. Then I fused the Wonder-Under to the shirt by ironing it:

Vintage Camera Applique Download pre-sewing via


I used a zig zag stitch on every exposed raw edge of the applique:


Vintage Camera Applique Download Stitching via


A finished vintage camera tee!


Vintage Camera Applique Download Finished via

Here’s another post with a more complete tutorial on applique:

Vintage Label Appliques via


  1. says

    I seriously love that shirt! I think I’ll have to make this myself pronto. This would be cute on a bag or something. Thanks for the printable :)

  2. stacey K says

    You are so sweet to share your pdf file. It’s adorable! Thanks for all you do for “us” followers. We LOVE you!

  3. Caron Thor says

    They don’t even look that much alike actually. I’m pretty sure any crafty person could make one. What they are paying for is for you to do it, not your super duper no-one could ever think of it in a million years design.

  4. Adela says

    Hi Ashley,

    Do you put anything on the inside of the t-shirt over the applique stiches? Sometimes it can be a bit scratchy and was wondering what the lightweight material that you normally find on store-bought clothing with applique is called.

    Thanks for the tutorial and pattern!

  5. Lexie says

    Cute! Thank you, this is great. I’m going to make one for a photographer friend of mine.

  6. Grace says

    Add me to the list of those who don’t see the resemblance. Love this, Ashley! Thank you for sharing.

  7. says

    Other than the fact that they are both cameras, I really don’t see how they are that alike. That’s just silly.
    Thanks so much for the tutorial. Can’t wait to make something with it!!

  8. says

    Ashely this is so cute. Thanks. What a greatest to honor your dad. I don’t think yours looks like the other one except that they are both cameras. I think it’s sad when people go around accusing people of stealing something like this where you based it off an existing product.
    So does Jamie own th rights to all cameras in the world?

  9. Wendy Russell says

    Super cute Ashley Thanks for sharing!! Can’t wait to let leighton pick the fabrics for hers!! :)

  10. Everyday Joy says

    Ashley – a wonderful tutorial and a lovely tribute to your dad for your daughter – the rest is nonsense. Please, please don’t let it deter you from doing more!

  11. Kate says

    **sigh** How sad?! The boutique clothing world can be a wonderful outlet for creative people and those that enjoy purchasing these products, but sadly, it is equally a place of unprofessionalism, ignorance, jealousy, and finger-pointing. For people to think that they are the ORIGINAL designers of art/design are simply delusional and self-righteous. It is truly sad and pathetic when these designers “call out” other designers on their FB pages and blogs. It truly makes me squirm when I read posts about people “copying me” and almost makes me think that they are deliberately trying to turn off customers because that is TRULY ALL THEY ARE DOING! Sure, they may have a handful of people backing them and saying “you tell ’em” or whatever, but I guarantee that the majority of customers that read these copying accusations think that person is just pathetic and sad. For lack of a better word, these people are simply “haters” They see what you have built and and somehow feel it necessary to try to bring you down. SAD!

  12. Diane Poff says

    Ok, new here, and no yours does not look like hers, and besides, hers was posted on the 15th, same as yours, so unless you are like really quick at this, there’s no way you copied hers, your first comment to you was at 6:10 this morning. So, no don’t think so lol. Besides hers is a little expensive if you ask me, Thanks for the pattern, wish it was a canon though, you knew someone would say that right? LOL. Gonna have to try this for myself, I’ve never done applique. wish me luck.

  13. Hannah says

    Thanks for sharing this and all your other super cute, aMazing designs. So much talent and creativity!! I love reading your blog and FB posts. So sorry about all this. So sad that there are such hurtful, prideful people in this world. If only more people were as kind as you! Thanks again!!

  14. says

    This is so sweet! I’ve never tried applique but your camera design is making me want to! Maybe I’ll have a go at it using paper. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  15. Ashley says

    Hi Jayme. My applique is a copy of my father’s vintage Nikon camera. It was not copied from any other design. I’m not sure how else to respond to this comment. -Ashley

  16. Sarah says

    Wow, it looks nothing like yours Jayme. Ashley’s looks like a basic Nikon camera and yours has a flash added with other things. Are you saying that you have exclusive rights to anything that resembles a Nikon camera? I will now make sure to NOT buy from you.

  17. Heidi says

    Jayme, Ashleys camera isn’t copy of yours, totally different look!!

    Love that template ♥