Chalkboard Tags (A Tutorial)

I recently reorganized my pantry and made little wood chalkboard tags to keep everything in the right place. I found these distressed crates at The Alley a local import shop:



And I bought these value packs of wooden 3″ circles:



I was able to drill a hole through a pile of the tags all at once:

Once I sanded and smoothed the holes, I sprayed each tag with chalkboard paint:



Once they were dry I added a small ball and chain clasp:


I wrote on each tag with chalk:



And put everything in its place:



This post is part of my new series Getting Organized:




  1. o says

    Wow, so organized!

    I love the little bins so things don’t get lost in the pantry. Who knew a pantry could be pretty.

    I’ve been cleaning my pantry this week, and there’s plenty of things that expired last year. Who knew I had Bisquick that apparently is a useful cooking staple?

    I wish my pantry was that large. Mine is much narrower, but somewhat deeper, so I always have a hard time finding things in it.

  2. Stephanie says

    I just love your website! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas/creativity. I’m still working on one of your last posts, this one will be the next!

  3. Karen C. says

    Your organizational ideas are wonderful! Any ideas storing school papers? I

    never know if I should save them or pitch them.

  4. says

    Where in the world would we be without our beloved chalkboard paint…?? lol! Love your cute little tags! Fun, easy project with biiiig impact!! 😉

    xoxo laurie

  5. Lil Miss Red T-Shirt says

    Oo! Big, pretty pantry… I love how organized it is. This totally shows mine up. :)

    I love the baskets with change-able text and how sorted and easy to find everything is.

  6. says

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