Starting a Project…..of 2,000 Buttons

So here’s a perfect example of how I start a project…..on a whim. I never quite know what I’m going to make each day. It all usually depends on how I feel, what I run into that morning, something I might see in passing. Today is no exception…..since I have chemo tomorrow and I don’t have a ton of energy today I decided to start a project I can do from the couch. Another piece of button art…..recorded for another process video. I have an entire series of portraits I want to do now!



In case you missed the other two pieces Boo and I have made…..check out the process on time lapse video….you’ll see Boo eating ice cream on the artwork in the Mona Lisa one…..and I have LONG hair!


  1. Meridith says

    Amazing videos! Where on earth do you find that many buttons? You must have quite the collection. I can’t wait to see how Cinderella turns out!

  2. christie says

    Holy Buttons Batman! What have you done with the Mona LIsa and Frida? I’d definitely have them hanging somewhere—-amazing!

  3. Amy says

    Wow…you are amazing! Did you paint that this morning and you went for a mile walk?

    I am still exhausted from you walking back up hill. I wish I had half of your determenation and energy!

    Can’t see the video here from work… now I am dying to get home to see it. So curious.


  4. Juli says

    Can’t wait to see Cinderella! Love watching the videos. I haven’t commented in awhile, but you and your family are still in my prayers. I read your blog everyday to get updates. Keep it up Ashley, you’re hangin’ in there so well!

  5. says

    Can I just say that you are AMAZING!?! Not only are you SUCH a talented Mama, you are hanging in there and spreading joy and encouragement to OTHERS during the awful chemo! You INSPIRE me everyday. Thank you!

  6. Amy V says

    Disney should commission you to make those for them! What are you going to do with them all when you’re finished? You are so creative and very inspiring!! :)

  7. says

    Love watching you create…thanks for sharing! Would love to see your button collection…lol…Praying your chemo day goes by quickly and you have lots of energy to work on your button project. Thinking of you daily!

  8. says

    I love this idea!! After almost 60 years of collecting, plus my mom’s and grandmother’s buttons, I have many. Can’t wait to see Cinderella. I’ve been blogging about the items I’m making for my granddaughter’s surprise Disney cruise for her 7th birthday. I’ve been making Minnie Mouse, dumbo dresses, etc. Still have alot to make, but she’ll have a theme outfit for every day of the cruise!! Wish I got to go, but we will be watching 18month old little sister for that week.

  9. says

    I can’t wait to see the finished piece! BTW, was at the craft store to pick up embroidery floss today and completely did a *stop, back up, stare at the wool…* “I want to. I want to…”

    :) Maybe soon! Hope you’re feeling well.

  10. Ashley says

    You are such an inspiration!!! I am in love with your button art and think I may have to try this myself. I have been getting your newsletter and every post is a little beam of sunshine in my day. I have shared your site with many friends because your Joy is so bright I would hate for anyone to miss such a beautiful person. Thank you for sharing everything! God Bless!

    Ashley @ Thereisnoplacelikehomemade

  11. Krystal says

    Aaammmmmaazzzzziiiinnngggg!!!! I love buttons! And I love Art:) these are beautiful and so so neat! :)

  12. Mother of 4 says

    I Look forward to reading what you have to say everyday. I am definitely addicted and my family thinks I am crazy (or just crazier). So I have started reading ur blog outloud to my family. Now my husband asks “how’s that girl doing?”
    I, also am a DIYer, bit not nearly as talented as you. I am dying to know where you get so many buttons? I would love to do this project with my girls!

  13. Georgina says

    You are multi-talented! What do you do with them once you are finished? Are they in your house or do you sell them??
    And, I am seriously jealous of your button collection, I thought mine was pretty cool, but yours makes mine look a bit pants, lol!!!!
    Pleeeeease show us Cinderella when she is done, would love to see :)
    Sending you love and joy xxxxx

  14. Connie says

    Amazing! I love the button art. I would also love to know where you get your buttons in bulk! I bet it would be cool to do those with old stamps as well…. hmmm….. too bad I don’t have time to find out right now :) I am so happy that you had so much energy today. I am praying that chemo is not so bad and you get some rest during your session. Peace.

  15. says

    AMAZING!! Is there a tutorial I’m missing, that is awesome and can’t wait to see Cinderella. I’d LOVE to try this but I’d need some guidance!

  16. says

    Totally amazing and inspiring! Now I need to get me more buttons (darn I miss California Swapmeets for that!) Anyway, you’ve (once again) have inspired me to try something new, in smaller scale, I don’t have as many buttons. 😉

    I can’t wait to see how Cinderella looks.

  17. syvanna says

    Weve talked about our mutual love of Frida before!! but Ashley you have done it again!!! beautiful… get well soon!!! we are all praying for you!!