Inspiring Bedrooms for Girls

12 Girl's bedroom ideas to inspire your decor via

So I’m getting ready to start a huge project soon: Boo’s room. It hasn’t had much attention in the past year or so……so I’m brainstorming. The transition from baby girl’s room to a big girl’s room is a big milestone! Getting ready to make the transition  yourself? Here are 12 girl’s bedroom ideas to get you inspired!

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12 Boy's bedroom ideas to inspire your decor via


  1. says

    i am obsessed with the third one – or the middle right in your picture of nine collage!
    lola’s room is a work in progress too, but it is my favorite room in the house that i have been working on so far!

    can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for boo!

  2. vicki m says

    love all of them ❤ …. my KT is 19 1/2…. we’re moving onto another stage…. any suggestions for inspiration?

  3. lm says

    Ok, I need a kid! Anyone have a spare? 😀

    Cute rooms. I want one. I like the 3rd photo and the last photo. I have a thing for white daybeds. And, pastel pink walls. And, white curtains. And, I like the phoof ball things.

    I recently decided to re-do and re-size my childhood dollhouse. Boo needs a dollhouse in her room if she doesn’t already have one. Somehow little stuff is just magical for kids.

  4. says

    Those are all so very cute. You know when they took the pictures that was the cleanest and neatest those rooms ever were LOL!

    When we upgraded my daughter from the nursery to her own big girl bedroom we let her choose the colors, so we went from a nice subtle color scheme, to PINK and purple. One tip I have is that if you want an area rug without spending tons, just get 2 or 3 and duck tape them together underneath. It has been a few years since I did my daughter’s room and they are still holding together:

  5. says

    Thank you so much for doing this Ashley! We are in the process of major renovations and rebuilding the upstairs of our house for my three girls, with two new rooms and bathroom. They are swooning over the pictures now. So much fun!!! We will be doing some of these ides for sure. Perfect timing on this post for us. :-)

  6. says

    The pink/teal or pink/grey are such lovely combinations! Hopefully she could grow into those till she is a young woman! But really all the inspiration rooms you have chosen are darling! It was tough to decide. Hence, the reason my girls room is still in limbo. One of these days we will get it done!

  7. says

    Interestingly you haven’t included anything like my daughters’ room! Their room is an epiphany of peeling, painted woodchip wallpaper with a feature wall of bare plaster (where my elder daughter peeled off the existing brown wallpaper).

    By contrast (and to redeem this) I have a lovely 50s or 60s “kitsch” painting on the wall, and the rest of the decoration comes from their unmatched pretty bedding and their dresses which hang on the wall (since my husband put his foot through their warderobe). It is a work in progress.

  8. Susan says

    These rooms are just gorgeous. I especially love the tree. I’m ready to redecorate rooms again although I need inspiration of the boy kind. I have eight of them.

  9. Vicki says

    ooohhh… pintresting frenzy! (well, only 3, but still! love it!) I’ve just been trying to figure out my daughter’s room. She’s moving out of a toddler bed at some point this year. Thanks for the ideas! Now for my boy…

  10. says

    Thank you for including London’s room! it’s the one with the ginormous amount of frames in the gallery wall…teal, pink, yellow :) from Project Nursery. I’m so glad you like it!

  11. Robyn B says

    All of those rooms are cool. In Australia at the moment there is a television show called the block which is currently airing, it’s finale is on Sunday night. I thought you might like one of the rooms in the challenge house it is very fun and quirky, very Alice in Wonderland,the web link is

    I hope the link works, it’s a brilliant kids room idea! Keep up the awesome work that you do, you’re an inspiration :-)

  12. Christy says

    ok, so in your planning and research, please come up with an idea for all of those favorite (and they are ALL favorites) stuffed animals. I currently have them in a whiter wicker trunk. They seem to be spilling out. I have done a bit of “thinning” the pile lately when my daughter isn’t around. I am thinking of a few floating shelves or something. Ideas???

  13. Mie says

    I just started the process with my boyfriend’s daughter today. She is so excited about her big girl room. We went to Lowes today and talked to the greatest paint guy ever. I told him what we were trying to do and showed him the brightest purple ever that she picked out and told him we needed help. He got on his knees and talked to her about what she liked and what other colors she liked and together they built a combination that her dad and I will be happy with and she will love. It was truly the best paint buying experience I’d ever had. She felt like it was about her and loved that he talked to her and she got to pick. Good luck!!!

  14. Becky says

    thank you thanks ta cheers grazie obrigado grazzi merci grazias and a million others…had seen the Living with Punks bedroom ‘somewhere’ and fell in love,,,obviously didnt keep it on tab….and you found it! love you lots xxx

  15. RoseCourtois says

    I am liking the one with the bookcases and bulit in drawers. I would add
    a small table and chairs so when the girls came over they have a place to
    sit and put all of their stuff.