Paint by Number (for a Giant)

I never finished a paint by number when I was younger…..they never gave me enough paint and I got too frustrated at the tiny little spaces I had to fill.  To redeem myself I bought a kit today at Michaels.

Then, as I was driving home, I thought it would be a fun Friday night activity for the family……but only if it was GINORMOUS. So, I made a stop at Kinko’s/Fedex……and enlarged it so that it would be easier to paint.

(it’s about $9 at the DIY enlargement copy machine)

I attached it with spray adhesive to a large piece of cardboard to keep it from wrinkling too much. We are changing up the colors from the original palette….it’s a little more “sherbet” now.

Oversized DIY paint by number via

I simplified the process by clearly labeling paint and the corresponding numbers:

Oversized Paint By Number via

Boo’s pretty into it…..and wants to hang it in her room which means I guess I’ll be framing it if it turns out:

Oversized DIY paint by number via


We’ll see how long it keeps Boo’s attention…..I’ll keep you updated on our progress.

Have a great weekend!



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  1. 1

    What an awesome family activity! If only I lived anywhere near a Kinkos…

  2. 3

    How fun!!!! My little one loves color-by-numbers and blowing it up to this scale would beyond thrill her! Thanks for sharing your brilliance!

  3. 4
    Badminton Queen says:

    Think I might have to do this, but looks like i will be taking up the kitchen table for a very long time! hehe

  4. 5

    Great idea on the enlargement! I loved getting paint by numbers for Christmas when I was a kid, the bigger the better. It kept me busy throughout the Christmas winter holidays out on the farm!

  5. 6

    What a fantastic idea!

  6. 7
    Andrea johnson says:

    Is it on regular 20# paper? My husband is a land surveyor and they have a plotter printer that prints 36″x however long you need it. If you don’t have a FedEx or Kinkos, check with a local engineering or architectural firm. They have printer/plotters to print blueprints and such and could probably hook you up!

  7. 8

    Have you seen our Paint-by-Number Wall Murals? Same idea, but they transfer onto the wall for a full-sized wall mural! (Up to 8′ tall and 18′ wide!!) Although it is usually for the parents to do for their soon-to-be or young ones, an older child could easily help out with a little supervision. We have over 220 designs in lots of different themes – for some very reasonable prices! Check ‘em out at
    Questions? Give me a call at 626-794-1415
    Patti Newton
    Elephants on the Wall

  8. 9

    Seeing your daughter painting in what looks like your family room and not getting it all over AMAZES me! I have 3 boys and if I wanted to do paint by numbers we would have to start thinking garage or backyard…never in our family room. I would have a paint by numbers couch and wall!

  9. 10

    This is really cute, good idea!

  10. 11

    That is an awesome idea!!!

  11. 12

    Such a creative idea. Now I need to go to the store to see what paint by umber kit I will have enlarged.

  12. 13

    So great!! Just posted on Craft Gossip…now to find a Paint by Number Kit!!


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