Shared Bedroom Ideas for Kids

18 shared bedroom ideas for kids via

Have more kids than you do bedrooms or like the idea of having your children share a room? Here are 18 great shared bedroom ideas for infants, toddlers and tweens to inspire you!


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    Question for those of you who have a toddler (2-3) share with a baby: I love the idea but can’t help but wonder night time logistics…

    *Is bedtime the same for both kids? If not, how do you get the second to bed while the first is already asleep?

    *If the baby wakes up at night, does your older child wake up and stay up? How do you get them back to sleep?

    Considering this setup in the future but need some advice on how to put it into play – love all of the ideas!

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      First Thanks for featuring my daughters Navy and Pink Teen Room makeover.. to the toddler/baby question…I found kids get used to what YOU get used to…If you put the kids together and you reflect to them “THIS is how you WILL sleep” they breeze right through it. If you waffle and they can sense any hesitation on your part, they may push to see if you will crumble. Smart little things they are!!! And so durn cute!!!

  2. Amanda says

    I love these ideas. My husband and I disagree, but I think we should have the children share a room (our two boys) so they can have a room just for play and fun. Thanks for sharing!