Living in the Desert

Living right smack in the middle of a desert just amazes me. We live in this little oasis surrounded by mountains, sand, tumbleweeds and windmills. It is so different from North Carolina where I grew up. I was sorting through some pictures that I took when I first moved to Palm Desert in 2006 and found these photos:
Living in the Desert via

Our old house in Indian Wells with the mountains behind it.
It doesn’t look like a desert…everything is so lush!

Living in the Desert 2 via

I remember taking this picture because the mountain almost didn’t look real.
It looked like it was just plopped there.

Living in the Desert 3 via

The giraffes at the Living Desert, a mile from my house.

Living in the Desert tram via

View from the Palm Springs Tram

Living in the Desert tram 2 via

View of Palm Springs from the top of the Tram.
This 8500 feet above the desert floor and is so nice and cool in the summer.

Living in the Desert grapes via

Our friend George’s grape farm….you can see the Salton Sea in the distant left.
I would have never guessed anything would grow in the desert, but I guess with enough irrigation anything can!
By the way, it is harvest time and I LOVE these table grapes!