Magnetic Chalkboard Wall & Growth Chart

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This is a project that I completed about a year ago but since my blog is new I have to catch up! I have so many ideas for using magnetic and chalkboard paint but this is the only project I’ve done so far.  When we renovated our kitchen recently we installed a stainless steel GE monogram refrigerator….my dream refrigerator….until I found out that it is NOT magnetic. How is metal not magnetic?! I had so many plans of covering it in Sienna’s artwork and photos.  So I had to come up with an alternative…..a magnetic chalkboard wall.
First, I taped off a large rectangle using blue tape.  Use Q-tips to burnish the edges of the tape and you won’t have any paint leakage underneath.  I used Rustoleum Magnetic Paint for the magnetic layer.  I recommend buying it at a hardware store so that they can put it in the shaking machine and mix it up for you.  The metal filings in the paint tend sink to the bottom and are hard to mix manually.  I did a lot of research on my magnetic wall before doing it and found that there are 2 tricks to getting it right:

Trick #1: Apply many coats. I ended up doing about 6 coats and I probably should have done about 10 to 15.  Each layer adds more metal filings.  The more coats you add the more even the metal layer will be.
Trick #2: Buy the right magnets. I went through several different kinds.  If the label on the magnets says “the strongest magnet ever” don’t believe it. The only magnets that will hold anything are neodymium disc magnets. They look like watch batteries and they are more expensive but if you don’t use this kind you’ll have stuff falling off the wall all over the place. They are super powerful and will even pinch your fingers if you hold a few together. I found some at Michael’s that were 6 for around $3.50. I glued buttons to the top of the magnets to decorate and to make them easier to grab off the wall. Make sure to spread the magnets out far enough apart while they are drying or you will end up with a big gooey mess (I learned the hard way!)
After the magnetic layers are dry you can add your chalkboard paint.  I used Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint.  The trick with this layer is to allow it to dry for 3 days so that it can cure properly. Once cured, you can prepare the surface for chalk by rubbing the side of chalk over entire surface and erasing.
To make the growth chart I taped off the increments with blue tape and used the remaining chalkboard paint.  I printed off numbers from the computer and used graphite transfer paper to transfer the images to the wall.
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I decorated the top of the board with some chalk drawings that can be redone when I get bored with them.

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The bottom half of the chalkboard is reserved for Sienna’s drawing.

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  1. Elle's Mom says

    We have the same magnet wall. Seriously, they look exactly the same! That is too funny. Thank you for the magnet tip. I am seriously sick and tired of picking magnets off of the floor!!

  2. Ashley says

    Too funny! We are way too much alike :) You wouldn’t believe how many magnet sets I bought and returned until I did some research. The nerdy scientific magnets are the best!

  3. Jenn says

    i have you on the chalkboard/magnetic wall… but the clothes… unreal!!! lil boo is off da hook! when will chickadee be carrying your clothing?!?!

  4. Rebecca says

    Love this idea! :) I was planning on doing a chalkboard in our hallway on our house we're building and I LOVE the idea of the growth chart by it! :) Love your blog!

  5. says

    Hey- I wondered what would happen if you used a damp sponge to wipe it down (if you did it in a kid’s room with carpeting) to avoid the chalk dust?

  6. says

    Hi! I want to make a magnetic wall for my kids playroom. I dont necessarily want to hang artwork or paperwork but have the kids be able to play with magnetic letters and numbers, like the kind you would stick on your fridge. Do you think these would stick to the kind of wall you made or just fall off?

  7. KG says

    I made a growth chart with a peice of 6″ x 6′ light wood veneer. I used a black sharpie for the lines & #’s. The I hung a wall pocket with multiple colored sharpies in it for times I measured my kiddo’s. It’s portable for moves. I have twins & a son, so I can roll it up when they are grown & gone, but still have a special memory item that doesn’t take up alot of space :~}

  8. says

    I just popped over today to see your tut on the playing cards, then read about your Dad (I’m so sorry for your loss!), then went back to pinterest and went to view all the pins, came back to see what someone had pinned “about” you, OMGosh! You poor girl! I hope you are feeling so much better today! Then I checked your tut page and looked up the Fairy room, which led me to the chalkboard wall….I busted out laughing! I, too, bought a Stainless “steel” refridgerator, got it home and was shocked to find my magnets wouldn’t stick to the front of it! WTHeck!? Part of the fridge is visible on one side, so I stick some of my magnets there. I recently hung a white board (18×36) on the fridge door. Now the freezer side needs something, it looks lopsided. I might stick a frame there to display special “artwork ” from my kiddos. But a bit of advice…if you have kids that like to “write” or erase your grocery list (don’t ask) get the Vis A Vis wet erase markers. They can’t erase your list as easy. HA! My 4yo thought it was cool to wipe of my lists! At least the parts he could reach. Now the new pens are so fine that my list stays up high and he can erase whatever funny stuff I draw at the bottom for him.
    Take care girlie! You have a lot of us girls pullin’ for ya! Muah!

  9. Grace says

    I love this idea! I was hoping to do this in my room, I already have an entire chalkboard wall in my room (I’m a high school girl, how could I not!) but I’d love to have it be magnetic as well! I was wondering how much weight the magnets would hold… I have a ton of medals for track and field competitions and I no longer have room for them on my bulletin board ): I was wondering if you think that it would be able to hold something like that, thanks!


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