Big Sister/Little Sister Pillowcase Dresses

These pillowcase dresses were made for a friend’s daughters. I used Naptime Crafts’ tutorial here. I had to guess on their sizes and Naptime Crafts’ had all the measurements I needed!
Big Sister/Little Sister Pillowcase Dresses via
Both fabrics I got from Joann’s. The ribbon I think I picked up at Michael’s a while ago.
Big Sister/Little Sister Pillowcase Dresses 2 via
I made bias tape to match the bottom fabric band.
Big Sister/Little Sister Pillowcase Dresses 3 via
I rarely make bias tape because I think it is such a pain…..BUT I came across this easy tutorial at Creative Little Daisy. I feel like it is a big secret everyone has been keeping from me! It is by far the best sewing trick I’ve come across YET. If you think you have one to beat it let me know ;)
Big Sister/Little Sister Pillowcase Dresses 4 via
Here is Sienna modeling the larger size of the dress. She’s getting a little better at posing….she’ll actually look at the camera now!
Big Sister/Little Sister Pillowcase Dresses 5 via



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  1. 1

    Very cute. I love the fabrics you choose as well.

  2. 2
    SoSoBella Designs says:

    darling. if i could only sew. i tell myself all the time that every little girl should learn how to sew from their mommy. what a great gift it is.

  3. 3
    Lemonade Makin' Mama says:

    I really love this! I want to try it out, but I have no unused pillowcases just lying around… But it looks super sweet on your baby girl!

  4. 4
    Lemonade Makin' Mama says:

    Oh, Ashley, of COURSE! You're so right, I don't have to buy a "pillowcase" I could use fabric. Gosh, I feel so silly now… lol

    That just made me laugh for about five minutes. I must be very checked out mentally for summer.

    Your comment was so sweet…

  5. 5
    Jessica says:

    I LOVE the dress. It's too cute!

  6. 6

    That bias tape tutorial is seriously genius!!

  7. 7

    very cute! great fabric choice

  8. 8
    michellejohnnie says:

    I'm linking to this post because you have links to the dress and bias tape! Thanks! somedaycrafts!

  9. 9
    Angela Neil says:

    That was my blog!

    I'm glad you liked the post and tried it out already. Your pillowcase dresses are darling! Your DD is adorable in her dress too!

    I was actually about to create a new post about Batter Blaster – I first read about it on YOUR blog!! Turns out, it's pretty good! Thanks for the tip!

    BTW, your sister is AWESOME!! I just read the post about her, and she's amazing! A role model for little girls everywhere – girls can do anything they want to!

  10. 10
    i love plum says:

    SO cute…I love that everything you post is very do-able…thank you!!! Very excited to have found you…have a great day! xo

  11. 11

    I made one for my daughter out of a real pillow case and it turned out really cute. I love the fabric you chose. So cute. I have bought some more pillowcases to make more.

  12. 12

    Sorry, I commented with my husband's id. My name is tami and my blog is

  13. 13

    I visited over here because of your comment on my site, but I have to say I really like your blog! You've got some great ideas of things to do and make on here!
    I'm following now.

  14. 14

    Ashley, I have been so inspired by you. First by your talent, and later by your amazing spirit. I have been a LBB reader for quite a while, but I became a regular follower after reading your posts about your father. I was deeply touched by the peace you had and the way you were able to “choose joy”.
    I have found strength in dealing with my own struggles with medical problems because of the way you have selflessly shared your journey. You are an inspiration to many.
    So, I was quite surprised to notice in the stats on my blog a referral from LBB. I had to click over to see what it was. I didn’t see this when you originally posted it, so it gave me a little smile to know our paths had “sort of” crossed at one time.
    I’m glad you found this method for making bias tape helpful.


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