So much news! Where to start?!

The past week has been a blur because my sister is here visiting for LPGA Q-School. She made the cut today so cross your fingers she plays well tomorrow! Yay Perry! While she’s here though I made her model one of my new silk screened adult tees that I made for the store. The Chinese Dragon silk screen was designed by Stephanie Corfee exclusively for Lil Blue Boo:

I LOVE when the weather starts to cool off in the desert at night! Look at this view!

I’ve finally started to make more BOY things! Introducing BOY by Lil Blue Boo!

Of course as soon as I made the dinosaur shirt Boo thought it was hers….so I had to make a pink version:

I’ve been working on this new slouchy, layering shirt style….the Layer Cake Top. I hope to publish a pattern for it soon!

Mischievous (don’t worry, she didn’t squirt me with water)…..

I’ve also added new “Made to Order” items in the store available for a limited amount of time (about a week) and then I’ll rotate in new designs:

And the biggest news? I’ve taken on a lot over the last few months with my little handmade clothing line….it’s kind of taken over and I’ve realized that I need help! After months of talking about it, I finally convinced my friend Lisa (you might know her from Ellebows!) to come and work with me full time! She’ll be helping me with everything from photography to creative design so that I can spend more time on tutorials, patterns and new things! I am SO excited! She starts in 2 weeks….so just bear with me until then!

So stay tuned!!! Lots of amazing stuff coming soon to Lil Blue Boo! Have I mentioned lately that my “to do” list is about 50 pages long?


  1. Danielle says

    I'm in awe of all you do. My goal one day is to be just like you. I just have to find what I'm good at first. Congrats on your success!

  2. bird and tree says

    BOY by LBB!!!! YAY!! I only have boys so this is very exciting news…congrats on all the growth you are experiencing!

  3. bird and tree says

    BOY by LBB!!!! YAY!! I only have boys so this is very exciting news…congrats on all the growth you are experiencing!

  4. Heidi Ferguson says

    Where do you live? I live in the desert too and I've been feeling a little angry at the relentless heat during the day.

    Love that t-rex shirt, so cute!

  5. Amanda Ryan says

    Just a little note to say THANKS for your inspiration! Some days I just wonder how I have made it from sunrise to sunset then I jump on here and think "Gee you really can accomplish a lot in one day". Your energy even through this virtual techno world really does leave a lasting impression. I have tried some many new things since my wonderful friend Bec introduced me to LBB world! Good on you and keep up the fantastic work! THANKS ;o)

  6. Debbie says

    Yahooo on all the new stuff. I love the work you do. I just bought 40 ts to upcycle. At .99 a piece who could turn them down.

  7. Emily at Emmie Designs says

    I like the new t-shirts you are coming out with for adults. That is a great new thing to add to your studio. The layered shirt for the little girl though probally would be hard to get my daughters to wear. They hate anything that would make them feel like it would come off their arms a bit. Maybe you have critiqued that though so it's not a problem and still stays up. Or maybe it's just MY sensitive girls since Boo seems okay with it added to another shirt I guess. It is a cute pattern though. It's great you are working on boys stuff too.