Butterfly Birthday Party

Lisa here! Miss Elle turned 3 over the weekend! She requested a butterfly themed party and mommy delivered. It was butterfly overload! This was probably the easiest party to throw together. I’m going to tell you how I did it!

1. Party decor is focused entirely around the table. I rent child size tables and chairs from a local party rental company along with the table linens in a color to coordinate with the theme. I wrap tulle around the chairs for a little something extra.

2. I was inspired by this picture over at Martha Stewart. Instead of cutting out paper butterflies I opted for artificial butterflies, and I hot glued them everywhere 😉 Let me recommend Just Artifacts on eBay for the lanterns. You can search for artificial butterflies on eBay as well. These are going in Elle’s room, they will look so cute!

Butterfly Birthday Party Decor Ideas via lilblueboo.com


Butterfly Birthday Party Decor Ideas via lilblueboo.com

3. I can’t take credit for the centerpiece. This was my mother’s idea. We realized about 20 minutes before the party that our moss needed a little something extra, so she cut down a branch off one of the neighbor’s trees and hot glued butterflies on it. It turned out pretty perfect.

Butterfly Birthday Party Decor Ideas via lilblueboo.com


Butterfly Birthday Party Decor Ideas via lilblueboo.com

4. Upon entry to the party, our little guests received a pair of wings and a skirt. All purchased at the dollar store. If you don’t shop at the dollar store for party favors you are missing out! Plates and napkins were also purchased at the dollar store!

Butterfly Birthday Party Decor Ideas via lilblueboo.com

5. I hire someone else to entertain my kids, so I can enjoy some time with the other mamas, sit back and take pictures, and enjoy all the yummy food 😉 Is that wrong?

Butterfly Birthday Party Decor Ideas via lilblueboo.com


6. I decided to go with cupcakes this year. Wow, that made things so much easier! Last year it was about 100 degrees and cutting a cake while you have 15 kids waiting for a slice was a lot of pressure and I will never do it again!


Butterfly Birthday Party Decor Ideas via lilblueboo.com

That’s pretty much it! You too can throw a dreamy butterfly party for your little one. I’m not sure who had more fun, me or Elle 😉




  1. Kasey Hunt says

    Yes, I love the dollar store too. Cute decorations. I think it's awesome you hire the entertainment. I would want to get the great shots like you too!

  2. Megan "the" Bug Creator says

    Oh wow that is gorgeous! I have a niece that has a birthday coming up and I am thinking this would be pretty much perfect for her. You did a great job! I love the lanterns!

  3. The Polka Dot Closet says

    That is so cute with the wings and cupcakes and lanterns. I could easily see this for a theme for a summer ladies brunch…I love it!


  4. Miranda says

    This is beautiful! Looks like so much fun, my daughter LOVES butterflies. She would be in heaven at a party like that!

  5. Gabby says

    I love it! It's beautiful! I can't wait to do a party like this for my daughter some day. Hiring entertainment is a great idea. I love the dollar store, too.

  6. Betty Bake says

    oh wow this is gorgeous :) lovely photos and very very cute

    yes there are 2 very's in there for extra effect

    Betty Bake

  7. erin says

    Beautiful photos, thanks for all the tips. My daughter loves butterflies. She actually wants to be a blue morpho butterfly for halloween & just last night she was once again explaining to me how a caterpillar becomes one. :-)

  8. black bear cabin says

    what a fantastic party…everything looked so elegant and colorful! and a lot of those treasures from the dollar store….well done! thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures :)

  9. Austin Lovelys says

    Wow everything looks sooo nice! My daughter would love this! Not sure this would be good in Dec though. :*(

  10. Rachel@oneprettything.com says

    Wow, what a gorgeous party! I love all these butterfly ideas and would love to link to this in an upcoming Birthday Roundup if you didn't mind. It looks like everyone had so much fun!

  11. Allison says

    This was all so beautiful. Im planning a butterfly party as well. Trying to figure out entertainment. What did you do ?(I see the lady maybe a princess blowing bubbles)

  12. Cidzz says

    Lovely decorations! by any chance do you remember the ebay vendor you got the artificial butterflies from. I love the pastel shades of these butterflies which I am not able to find else where.

    • says

      Sorry, a friend found them at a random store some time ago. Have you tried search for silk butterflies? These are the ones that are frequently used in floral arrangements.