Hanging Metal Storage Bins (A Tutorial)

Hanging metal bins for organization via lilblueboo.com


I loved some aluminum bins I spotted on Pinterest that Beneath my heart had hung on the wall and knew they’d be the perfect solution for a blank wall in my pantry. I found these large aluminum beverage tubs at Michaels recently:


Hanging metal bins via lilblueboo.com

To create holes for hanging I took a large nail and punched 2 holes in the back of each tub about 10 inches apart:


Poking a hole via lilblueboo.com

Once the holes were punched I used them to mark the wall and then used a level to make sure the hole marks were at the same height. Then I used matching aluminum screws to attach each bin to the wall:


Attaching metal bin to wall in pantry via lilblueboo.com

The top bin holds “unopened snacks” like chips and pretzels…..and the bottom two (that Boo can reach) are snacks that are open and ready to eat!


Metal bins for pantry organization via lilblueboo.com


Many more posts to come!  I’ll show you shelving, tips, electronic storage etc in my new series:


The Getting Organized Series via lilblueboo.com



Make sure to check out how to make the chalkboard labels….free template downloads included:

DIY Chalkboard Paint Labels via lilblueboo.com


  1. says

    so cute! I wish I had a pantry that I could do something like this in… maybe in my office closet or my laundry room. Love it!

  2. Mary Jo Vick says

    Oh, I love metal storage bins. And what a great idea to hang them for organization! And the labels look darlin’ on the bins. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  3. RobyGiup says

    Great help for getting organized!
    I’d love to see your home, I think it would look like a paradise for crafters!!! :)

  4. vicky says

    I love using every bit of space in my pantry as well. On my wall I have attaached magnetic spice racks for storage. (I attached the link) I have 24 on my pantry wall to keep them out of direct sunlight. My labels for them are not very pretty though, I will have to incorporate your chalkboard label system instead.

  5. Susan says

    Great idea. I look forward to seeing more projects. I really need help with organization!!

  6. says

    It’s a good idear, you’re so active on your blog, it’s amnething !!! I follow you a lot from France and I love it !!! Thank’s so much for all your idears. I put your blog on mine and my mother found a bag camera and my sister is a camera’s assistant so a new project for me because of you !!!
    Sorry for my english, have a good day.

  7. Tins says

    OMW I love these and I am sooo gonna do them for my laundry room. What should I label them?? Definitely one for missing socks…can you think of 2 more???

  8. Vonna Kistlet says

    My daughter loves the metal bins for pantry storage
    But! We can Not find the bins??? I want to give them to her
    For Christmas. Can you PLEASE help me find them or tell
    Me where you found them. Thank you so very much!!!! Vonna K


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