The Mona Lisa……in Buttons (Time Lapse Video)

The Mona Lisa button collage via (click through to see the time lapse video!)


I finally got around to making a video of the Mona Lisa piece Boo and I did last weekend!  Here it is….see if you recognize the song (from a movie) before you get to the end of the video!

The Mona Lisa in Buttons from Ashley Hackshaw on Vimeo.


If you missed the Frida video click here to check it out!



  1. Shelly says

    amazing! Boo is adorable with her little eating…oatmeal? What is that?
    Super talented girl, really something special!

  2. Caron Thor says

    Oceans! Can’t remember exactly which one this song was in. I think it was 12. It was the one when Julia Roberts was pregnant, whichever one that was. Love the button art!

  3. TRish G says

    these are amazing! I just have to laugh at how cool this is! Who would have thought to do something like this? You come up with the best ideas and they turn out so well! Btw, I didn’t recognize the song. I guess it’s been a while since I saw that movie.