The “Mother of All” Fall Cleaning Checklists

I’m a bit of a clean and order freak. I’ve compiled my ultimate fall cleaning and winter preparation wishlist. It’s a bit overboard but it’s full of safety items and things often overlooked. There’s also a few things that will help you save energy this winter if you live in a really cold area. Click to download the PDF for easy printing!

The Ultimate Fall Cleaning Checklist Free Download via


  1. says

    I clicked, downloaded and printed your list. I’ve put it on the fridge and (warned) my husband (boy is HE excited!) All my clean freak tendencies are feeling freakishly excited to get started. THANKS for a great list.

  2. Lindsay says

    My husband actually asked me to print it off because he wants to tackle it. THANK YOU ASHLEY! It’s going to be nice to have a thoroughly clean house this fall!

  3. Karen C. says

    Okay. There are about 60 items. . I believe 59 to be exact. 2 a day will get the list done in a month!! Check. Check. Check.:0)

    It’s a little scary when you see that some of my spices are not marked with an expiration date. Major note to self: make sure newly puchased items have them. Check!

  4. Brandi @ His Shabby Her Chic says

    Thanks so much for this. I’m participating in a 31 Days Challenge and I chose “31 Days to a Cleaner Home”. This will definitely help me if I run out of places to clean (which, to be honest, isn’t likely but I’ll probably forget some stuff).

  5. Rocodi says

    I love, love this checklist! Even though its still a huge project, it just seems more doable with a list.

    • The Banana Fairy says

      I would also love to see a spring one now that there is a glimmer of hope in my physical rehabilitation to follow through with one of these fantastically detailed and gorgeously laid out lists!

  6. Prom says

    Just found you on Pinterest… you’re amzing! Are you planning to write a spring “Mother of all?” Would love to have one to follow for each season! Thanks!!

  7. Arlene says

    Thanks for the VERY detailed list. I’m just starting this today. I may skip a few steps, like draining the hot water tank to remove sediment, haha. After all my goal is to be done before the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. :)


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