Almost R-Rated Elf on the Shelf Outtakes

By popular demand……a second round of Elf on the Shelf for us adults. If only Boo knew what happened to her poor Elf when she goes off to school……I’ll be able to share these with her in about 20 years. Make sure to visit the PG-13 version and the kid-friendly version too! Apparently I have a sick sense of humor because this could go on ALL day….I think chemotherapy is making me evil.


Crack is Whack El



Good Time Elf


Flat Tire Elf


On the Rocks Elf



CLICK HERE to visit all the Elf on the Shelf posts THAT EVER WERE. 


  1. says

    P.S. Our elf Melvin is in the running for the Elf on the Shelf Facebook photo contest (he’s the one diving into the bag of chocolate chips) if you want to vote!

  2. Jennifer says

    Don’t loose your sense of humor – you are wonderful.
    keeping you in my prayers….you are an inspiration!

  3. Amanda says

    i love it…these are awesome cant wait for more…we dont have an elf yet so im using the teddy bear we used last year…We told the kids that it is one of Santa’s helpers and that they watch to make sure that they listen to their caregiver… so far it has worked… we want to try out some different things with it after seen all this elf on a shelf stuff

  4. Pam says

    These are hilarious. I made an elf for my grands and my grandson doesn’t like it. He doesn’t like the idea of the elf spying on them and then reporting back to Santa. I pinned an elf who was tied up by lego guys with a sign to go home. I am going to show it to Elijah to see if it makes him feel better!

  5. Kblue says

    You are hilarious! These are classic. The beautiful photography makes the bad so much better. Thank you for entertaining us!

  6. says

    Does that girls gone wild barbie in the background actually have her foot over her head??? 😉 Love these Ashley! You make me laugh! Cheers to your amazing attitude.

  7. says

    Oh. My. Goodness. Absolutely hilarious!!! These are going to come back and haunt that elf if he ever runs for office…. :)

  8. Beth Morrow says

    Omg…he is one brave and naughty little elf…I mean cutting the mattress tags off for real, or you kiddin me…I might just have to report him to the “someone cut off th mattress tag” authorities…sorry! Can’t wait to see what th liitle stinker gets into next…lol

  9. Maryann says

    HILARIOUS!!!!!!! And very CLEVER!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!! May all of the laughter and cheer that you are spreading help you to heal!
    Proverbs 17:22
    A merry heart does good, like medicine.


  10. says

    LOVE it.We don’t have elf on the shelf here in the UK.Thanks to you, my husband, who’s in Chicago on business ,has one top of his shopping list from me.

  11. Valerie says

    Good morning Ashley,
    It is 2:30 in the morning here in Colorado. I woke up around 12:30 and can’t go back to sleep. I have been thinking about many things, but you keep coming back to mind. I am so happy that you have so many positive thoughts and prayers being sent your way! Believe me, I have said prayers of healing, strength and grace in your name on many occasions. You have been a source of insipriation for me and I am sure for many others! It’s not because your perfect, but I think you are pretty doggity darn close. It’s not because you are so beautiful inside and out…tho’ you are! It’s because you are so alive, so honest, so true to yourself. But mostly, I think you inspire me because you allow yourself to be vulnerable, knowing that’s where true strength arises! I am not able to verbalize what I am really feeling. I guess I just wanted to say, “Thank you.” I will continue to send loads of love your way! Thank you too, for these hilarious photo’s! Continue to do what you do, because it’s obvious it’s working!

  12. Sonia says

    OMG! These are the BEST! I work the graveyard shift for a PD and my partner and I are laughing so hard our bellies are hurting!

  13. Diane Boom says

    Love it. The best part was reading the comments every one had a good laugh. You just made a lot of people smile.. Great job

  14. ira lee says

    awesome!!!!! peeping tom elf, really?!?! thats so funny!!! and i totally wish i would have been with you laughing while setting up all these photos !!!!!

  15. Renee says

    Utterly hilarious! So glad to see your sense of humor. I’ve debated on getting the Elf, wondering if I would have enough ideas for him, but this is just too much! I think you could write a book on what good ol’ Buddy can do, G, PG or almost R rated!

  16. says

    That’s it. I’m locking all of our doors and windows to keep Elves Gone Wild out of the house – for the safety of our family and the virtue of our Barbie dolls.

  17. says

    OMG…these are so funny! Im still waiting for my stupid elf to arrive. I ordered it from Barnes & Noble website NOV 27th. So annoyed…I might have to sacrifice this elf to make a stand. LOL just kidding.

    this is our 1st one and i think it’s a cute idea .

    Lucky 7 Design

  18. says

    Haaaaaahahahahahaha!!! This is just too funny! :D. I am waiting for our Elf on the shelf to arrive, and I hope he will be as much fun as yours. Thanks for sharing with us all of your incredible energy! Best wishes.

  19. Monique says

    Roflmbo…. I cannot get over the deviousness of these elf scenarios! My perception of you is changing, Ashley and I love you even more. You are making me become even more creative with our own Elf.

  20. Sara says

    You have outdone yourself!!!! LOVE this! PLEASE keep up the ‘GOOD’ work!!!!! ha I hope you plan to do a photo album of all of this elf’s hi-jinks!!! Can;t wait to see more!

  21. shelley says

    I love the elf especially the one of him tempting poor Diesel with chocolate and the peeping tom. You must have gotten your devious little ways from the Swenson side of the family. The Perry side definitely did not have a bone of creativity in the whole clan, but they were definitely not saints!! I love you dearly and it is true…a cheerful heart is good medicine!! mom

  22. Michelle@OurWonderfilledLife says

    I just wanted you to have 100 comments on this post because it is so hysterical!!

    All kidding aside I wanted to tell you you are an inspiration. From a mom to a cancer survivor (diagnosed at 11 months of age) you rock! My prayers and love are with you on this journey. Keep your wicked sense of humor and always choose joy!!!


  23. Carrie says

    Wow that was what I needed after the week I have had. Thank you for that. So funny. I cant wait till my daughter is old enough next year for her Elf on the shelf and come up with creative kid ideas for her and make my husband laugh with ideas for him.

  24. amy k says

    Oh, yeah. This made my morning. I’m kinda looking sideways at our elf… Don’t think I’ll be sleeping well tonight….

  25. Denni Johnson says

    You are inspired! I laughed my tush off this morning! I have some vintage elves and now have some great ideas to “play” with them. Too bad, or maybe it’s a good thing, my daughter is old enough for the R-rated version. Thank you!

  26. Julie Edwards McCartney says

    Dec, 9, “Master’s”..Thesis!!..on your Blog..spent 3 Hrs!!.. Hours!! the Antics of”eLF”…Longgggg, Tales..starting several Hrs ago, Dec,
    8, 2012..I, cannot find !!, many links!!..Plz!..HELP..where are two long Notes!


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