PG-13 Elf on a Shelf Outtakes

Sopranos Elf

That’s my Soprano’s Elf on a Shelf.

Warning….not for the faint of heart. You’ve seen the movie Bad Santa? Bah humbug. Don’t worry the kid version of Elf on the Shelf is coming tomorrow.

First of all, please no one email me and say what a horrible person I am and how I’ve disgraced the Elf on a Shelf game. I feel guilty enough as it is for putting poor “Buddy” through all this…..okay not really, it was kind of morbidly fun.



Arson Elf


Carjacking Elf


Feeding Chocolate to Dog Elf


Girls Gone Wild Elf


Godfather Elf


Insider Trading Elf


Cutting off the Mattress Tag Elf


Peeping Tom Elf


Mob Elf


CLICK HERE to visit all the Elf on the Shelf posts THAT EVER WERE. 




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  1. 1

    Hahahaha! My husband always wants to make him do something bad. I’ll be showing this to him tonight.

  2. 2

    LOL you just did what we all had been thinking hillarious LOVE IT

  3. 3
    Brooke in Aus :) says:

    I want one too! Will have to order one and play next year :)

  4. 4

    Love it! My kind of sense of humor!

  5. 5

    Our elf is named Buddy, too, and we also bought him at Barnes & Noble. We have not caught him doing anything bad yet, but I’ll admit I’d like to see that elf get up and move himself once in a while, so I can stop waking up at 4 am and thinking, “Oh, crap, I forgot to move the elf, but I’m too warm and cozy to get up and do it now…”

  6. 6

    You crack me up!

  7. 7

    This is so awesome! I continue to hear what a nightmare the Elf has become in many households, which has cured me of ever wanting one. :) Thanks for this post. All the disgruntled Moms will enjoy it.

  8. 8
    Casey Dozhier says:

    Love it …..Adults need fun to ! Especially since Christmas is so much work …Thanks for sharing <3

  9. 9

    hahahaha. seriously hilarious!

  10. 10

    I’ve never heard about this elf before, but this is hilarious! Great photos, thanks for the good laugh (makes me want to take similar pics of my cat).

  11. 11

    hee hee hee!! I love how he always has a smile even when being naughty! haha! He needs a mini choose joy bracelet!!!

  12. 12

    Hahaha!! I love this!

  13. 13

    I think you just made Elf on a Shelf more fun! Ha Ha!

  14. 14
    Jacqui Tomyn says:

    Love these! So funny.

  15. 15

    Oh my gosh, i just laughed so hard!

  16. 16

    LOL this was so funny!! Our Elf has been here since the day after thanksgiving, im having alot of fun with it right now. lol

  17. 17

    OMG, Thanks! I so needed a good laugh today! I’ve been contemplating how to make our elf (Snowflake) swim with the fishes. Maybe a ziploc baggie and brick? Poor thing has already had a skewer jammed up her behind to help prop her up on things like picture frames and potted plants…

  18. 18
    Jennifer T. says:

    Too funny! I loved it!!!

  19. 19

    Way too funny I love it!

  20. 20

    lol!!!! That is hilarious! Thank you!

  21. 21

    so cute…that’s what I needed today….good ole harmless humor! You crack me up!

  22. 22

    That’s it’…..I have to get one. Hilarious….my 6 kids would have a ball withthis game. You certainly know how ot brightne ones day :)

  23. 23

    my kinda elf, heehee! thank you for the good laugh, much needed!!!

  24. 24

    i laughed so hard reading this post, this is hilarious!

  25. 25
    Erica Eley says:

    Totally amused! This is great!

  26. 26

    HILARIOUS!!! Stress of the holidays…you just need a good laugh.

  27. 27

    Brilliant!! Thanks for the laugh.

  28. 28
    Andrea S. says:

    too funny!! Next up will be elves gone wild.

  29. 29
    Lil Miss Red T-Shirt says:

    Bahahaha, I love it!

    Never heard of Elf on a Shelf, but now I want one just to make him be naughty. :D

  30. 30
    Lil Miss Red T-Shirt says:

    Oh, that didn’t sound right… lol. To do “funny things with him.” Oh, um, that doesn’t sound right either. Err, for ‘fun activities and places he can be around the house.’
    Elf on a Shelf… college edition coming soon.

  31. 31

    So funny I had to show my husband.

  32. 32

    Baahhhaahaha! Your too funny ‘Bad Ashley’!
    We love elf on a shelf but sadly have not been able to track one down here in Australia this year. I have 363 day’s to find one ready for some ‘Bad’ fun next Christmas!

  33. 33

    Oh Elf how I’ve miss you… The Husband is in charge of this beauty so last night dead asleep he pops up because he forgot about the elf. So looking forward to 24 more days. Have a great holiday.. :)

  34. 34

    Bahahaha!!! These are SO good!!! Thank you for sharing! VERY FUNNY!!

  35. 35

    that was hilarious! glad you have your sense of humor! Bev

  36. 36

    This is hilarious!!!!! bahahahahha Thanks for sharing these.

  37. 37

    Love it! Thanks for the chuckle!

  38. 38

    hilarious! thanks for the laugh :)

  39. 39

    I love all of this! We need to be irreverent once in awhile! I am sending an elf to Soren, my grandson, in Achorage, for his 3rd birthday next week. I’ll save the drill for another time!

  40. 40
    Monique Verlato says:

    Oh my gosh! I can only imagine all of the other ideas that you guys ame up with. My absolute favorite one is “Buddy” buying Rx pills. I am SO excited to start having our elf in various locations. You should check out to see all of the aweseom ideas for what to have your elf do. After all, laughter truly is the best medicine.

  41. 41

    i love it! looks like so much fun. i may have to try something like this.

  42. 42


  43. 43

    Oh my gosh! I love things like that (except the things he’s doing, of course)! Funny sense of humor, Ashley!

  44. 44

    Omg so flipping funny!!!!

  45. 45
    Tleshia Farrar says:

    I LOVE IT!! Thanks for the laugh today, I needed.

  46. 46

    Totally awesome!

  47. 47

    So very glad I found your blog – you cracked me up!!

  48. 48

    That is hilarious! I was going to do the elf on the shelf with my kiddos last year. I had him all ready to go for the next morning. We had been on a play date that day and they had one in their house. Well as I was tucking my girls in they said, “Mommy we’re glad that we don’t have one of those elves at our house. He’s scary!” Ummm…. I had to return him.

  49. 49

    love it! could you make him a new outfit? that would be funny too!

  50. 50

    Hilarious….and dark… it!!

  51. 51

    Oh dear! What a laugh! I’m a horrible elf mover. Every morning I find myself running around looking for a new spot! Fortunately the boys don’t really know what’s going on yet. I better shape up soon though!

  52. 52

    Those pics are flippin awesome! U should do Boo a scrapbook of buddy and his antics for when she gets older and u pass him on down to her. Lol!

  53. 53
    Alexandra says:

    So hysterical! :) Glad to see you are in good spirits. I needed a boost!!!

  54. 54

    lol! I have never had any desire to do this whole elf on a shelf thing since I have an unnatural fear of creepy little dolls…guess I was scared by Chucky! lol but this is hilarious!

  55. 55

    TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Thanks for being brave enough to share! I’m sure that you made tons of people laugh their heads off!!

  56. 56

    My boys named their elf Buddy too! your post is very funny!

  57. 57

    Ha ha, cute as can be!

  58. 58
    Beth Morrow says:

    Lol…there is a site on Pinterest 101 ways to hide Elfie. The snow angel in flour is my favorite. I’ve bought on for all the grandkids!

  59. 59

    I wish these were around when my kids were young. My youngest son was during the beanie baby craze. All those had names and they also had distinct personalities. Most people did not understand our imagination…….. I had just as much fun as he did interacting with those stuffed fabric animals. He is now a graphic designer (employed) in Seattle and I couldn’t be prouder of him. He also was most sympathic when my husband was undergoing chemo and snuck ice cream to him in the hospital. Shaved his head when his hair was sparse and made me a pot of homemade soup the one time I came home after his operation. My husband is a cancer combatant like you will be. Hang in there. Each day is one closer to all better. Keep your elf naughty…… You will be surprised how much your naughty elf remains in your memory. Choose JOY

  60. 60

    I think I like the adult version of Elf on Shelf better!

  61. 61


  62. 62

    Fun. We’ve been playing the same game with a blue iguana. I’ve long since run out of original hiding places but it doesn’t seem to matter! The blender is one of the kids favourite places for finding ‘Blue’!

  63. 63

    Get down with your “Bad Ashley” self….i know, i know…i’m a 70’s child and it’s showing again :) I LOVED seeing all of you PG-13 cuts….sooooo funny. Thanks for giving us all such a good giggle. I loved one of your followers idea of you making him a new outfit….i think it needs to be Boo Style of course. Thank you for choosing Joy and passing it on.. Love u :)

  64. 64

    oh my goodness. LOVE this….
    thanks for the laugh!! i needed that….

  65. 65

    Poor little elf he has been caught! Seriously funny Ashley. I am glad you are having a good time. =)

  66. 66

    Lol… That’s so funny!

  67. 67

    oh for the love of Pete! That was high-larious! Thanks for the giggle!

  68. 68

    HA! Thats the funniest stuff ever! Do it again!! I’ll never tell.

  69. 69

    Love your elf, thanks for making me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. 70
    rebecca keppel says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! hilarious!

  71. 71

    *snort* This is AWESOME. I think Sopranos elf and Good Time Buddy are my personal favs. :)

  72. 72

    Best Elf on the Shelf post….EVER! Loved every second of it.

  73. 73

    I hadn’t heard of Elf on the Shelf until you posted your photos….I had a huge grin on face looking at each one. Now, I want to get one! I am single and live by myself…is it bad if I do this just for me?! I don’t think so! I’ll start now and carry on the tradition every year until I’m a grandma….Thanks for brightening my day! Can’t wait to see more photos.

  74. 74

    That is so friend jus gave us one tonight as a gift… now where to put the darn thing

  75. 75

    I love it! Our elf is named Buddy, too.

  76. 76

    LOL! Awesome… Buddy the Elf Gone Wild :)

  77. 77

    Great fun – love it!

  78. 78

    Thank you for mixing it up!! I had so much fun with these and also discovered your blog! Beautiful, fun, creative. Glad to find you. Be well.

  79. 79

    This is great! Hilarious! My daughter’s bday party is Dec 11 and I am having friends and family over and planned on the elf being on the potty for the first person to go in and find him there! hahahaha!

  80. 80

    This post CRACKS ME UP! Too funny!

    We have 2 Elves now… Sometimes I think we have more fun hiding him than the kids have finding him lol

  81. 81

    That is hysterical!!! I love it!!!! We have an elf on the shelf, not the one that comes with the book, but an elf that does the same things. This is great!!! Thanks for the laugh!

  82. 82
    Sarah Noll says:

    That was hilarious! thanks for the laughs!!

  83. 83
    Sammi Hines says:

    You are soooo not a horrible person for this! Lol. We’ve all thought about it! Haha. My fiances not allowed to touch him! Haha…he winds up in the dryer or in the stove or under the couch…he’s nuts. Lol.

  84. 84

    Ashley, I never leave comments, but today was just too good. I absolutely love reading your blog. You have been through some really tough times lately, but still remain so positive and it is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing and choosing joy everyday.


  85. 85


  86. 86

    You are AWESOME! I love it!

  87. 87

    Love this post. My kids are too old for Buddy but I see and hear about the elf while am at work (school)

  88. 88

    OMG! SO hilarious =) Nice work…..I love it!

  89. 89

    I LOVE THIS!!!!

  90. 90

    You totally just made my day! I now want one of these creepy little elfs for my 2 little guys! We may just have to tone it down a bit, lol!

  91. 91

    OMG!!! Pam from Amber Inklings shared your web site and I’m soooo glad she did!!
    Sure added some laughter to my day!
    You go girl! Always knew that elf had a dark side, LOL

  92. 92

    Love it! I think you should have included the photo of Buddy with his blonde “lady of the night” in this post.

    I love the idea of the elf, but the book makes me gag. So sweetsy rhyme-y. Blech.

  93. 93

    That’s hilarious!!!

  94. 94

    I organize a reading program for an elementary school near my home,,,I’ve been wondering what gift to give the teachers-this is perfect! (I hope they can read the book to the kids and then let different children ‘hide’ the elf each day.)Thanks for a quick laugh!

  95. 95

    This is the funniest thing I’ve seen! I’m bummed I didn’t think of it first! Lol. My coworkers and I just had a conversation about this elf on a shelf thing today. I had never heard of it. Kinda freaks me out…I’m glad my parents never did this. I would have had nightmares!

  96. 96

    You crack me up! Thanks for the laugh!

  97. 97
    judy livonius says:

    Sparkie is quite a guy. I guess it’s normal he would be more worldly living in California.
    Ethan and Brady love him and always rush to find him in the morning hours. I’ll tell Jennifer to send some of her tips! Yours are a riot! Too funny and glad you all are having fun between naps! xox, jl

  98. 98

    Bahahaha!!!! & I LoVe the Naughty Buddy even better : )

  99. 99

    Our Elf, Jack, has hung everyone’s under pants on the celing fan blades. We know it was him because we found him tangled, by his foot, in the pull cord for it the next morning. The children were not to happy with him. :D

  100. 100

    I just showed these to my mom who had never heard of Elf on the Shelf before, she was howling with laughter — how creative!!

  101. 101

    For the love of God woman! I think I just about peed my pants & I am at work!

  102. 102


  103. 103

    OMG!!! This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!!!! It takes a sick mind to think of these! LOL!!!!

  104. 104

    too funny-i’m not showing this to my husband-he’ll take charge of our elf :)

  105. 105

    This is my first time seeing your site and i think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

  106. 106

    I had to stop all of my co-workers to share this with them. It gave all of us a good laugh!! :)

  107. 107

    oh, so funny. cracking me up, girlfriend!!!

  108. 108
    Misticjourney says:

    I really wish I would have known about this earlier… kids are older and would have had great fun with this. Next year it’s on! Thanks Ashley, I’m sure you had a great time with this and you have given us lots of laughs! Merry elfmas!

  109. 109
    Vickie Sandsbury says:

    Tears are running down my face, laughing so hard!! This is great!

  110. 110

    Bwahahahahaha!!! Too funny!

  111. 111

    It is no worse than the things my husband and I did with the Flat Stanley we were sent by a 3rd grader.

  112. 112

    I love your sense of humor. My kids are too old for EOTS but I admire the effort my sister in law always makes for her kids with the game. Your ideas are hilariously inappropriate! Keep up the good work, you’re not a loser!

  113. 113

    Whats fun about this is that maybe as your kids get older and start to loose interest you can start making them do older thing for you middle school – high school kids..

  114. 114

    I just laughed on &on……..loved it!!!!!!!!!!!


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