Tie Dyeing Shapes (A Tutorial)

Tie Dyeing Shapes via lilblueboo.com


Who doesn’t love some bright tie dye? I made some easy outfits for Boo over the weekend using dyeable clothing from Dharma Trading and a few bright dye colors. I made one outfit with a peace sign and one outfit with a heart. You can find my peace sign tutorial here and below I show how to dye the heart shape.


Tie Dyeing Shapes (Heart and Peace Sign) via lilblueboo.com

I love the cure curled edges on the top and pants. The top is the french terry ruffle top and the pants are the french terry ruffle pants:

How to Tie Dye Shapes via lilblueboo.com

First I laid out a sheet of plastic with my clothing ready to dye:


How to Tie Dye Shapes (Step 1) via lilblueboo.com

I soaked them in a bucket of water with some soda ash added. Then wrung the clothing out well.


How to Tie Dye Shapes (Step 2) via lilblueboo.com


To make a heart shape, I folded my shirt in half and drew half a heart shape as shown below with a disappearing ink pen:


How to Tie Dye Shapes (Step 3) via lilblueboo.com

Then, with my gloves on, I started gathering the fabric along the line I drew:


How to Tie Dye Shapes (Step 4) via lilblueboo.com


Once all the fabric was gathered along the heart line…..


How to Tie Dye Shapes (Step 5) via lilblueboo.com

…..I added a rubber band at the line:


How to Tie Dye Shapes (Step 6) via lilblueboo.com

Then I added rubber bands to the rest of the shirt:


How to Tie Dye Shapes (Step 7) via lilblueboo.com


Here’s my clothing all bunched up with rubber bands placed every few inches:


How to Tie Dye Shapes (Step 8) via lilblueboo.com


I added purple along the “heart” line making sure to soak it through. I added it to the peace sign lines too just like in the peace sign tutorial.


How to Tie Dye Shapes (Step 8) via lilblueboo.com

I just tried to repeat the pattern of dye across all the clothing. Look I still have hair!


How to Tie Dye Shapes (Step 9) via lilblueboo.com


Here’s how the clothing looks with pink and purple dye added:


How to Tie Dye Shapes (Step 10) via lilblueboo.com

I carefully wrapped up the plastic cloth around the clothing and left it to sit overnight:


How to Tie Dye Shapes (Step 11) via lilblueboo.com

In the morning I cut off all my rubber bands and rinsed the clothing with cold water.You can read my entire tutorial on dyeing with Procion Dye here. But here’s how my heart turned out:


How to Tie Dye a Peace Sign via lilblueboo.com


And the peace sign!


How to Tie Dye a Peace Sign via lilblueboo.com

Two cute tie dyed outfits made in about under an hour:


Tie Dyeing Shapes (Heart and Peace Sign) via lilblueboo.com


  1. Suzanne says

    Beautiful…this will inspire Lillie to make it through 4 days of school this week;0) I am guessing a circle (for my man child) would be done the same way? Thanks Ashley! This is beautiful;0)

  2. Carrie says

    My kids always love tie dying days! At least once a summer we spend an entire day outside transforming every solid color item we can find into a masterpiece. Thanks for sharing this technique!

  3. Shelly says

    The peace sign tutorial last year was one of my favorites you have done. The heart is perfect in time for valentines day! Thanks Ashley!

  4. Jodie says

    Very cool! I love the colours! I seriously have to save up for the huge order I will place one day with dharma trading….

  5. Jennlala says

    Very Pretty!!
    I see this tutorial and I am right back in my yard, circa “1968” tie dyeing T-shirts for everybody! LOL

  6. KJW says

    I love the finished product but I swear it looks like there are faces in those tie die areas! You couldn’t have done that if you tried! And I am so glad you still have hair! Makes all the difference, doesn’t it!!

  7. Ginger says

    Kinda Random but do you know about thermofax machines for making a screenprint?? Cool ? Not cool? Do they work? Worth ordering a print from someone if you feel totally intimidated by the whole thing?? You are my crafting guru by the way!

  8. Beth Morrow says

    Love this but want to do it this week while my granddaughter is visiting…can I get the soda ash at HL or at Michaels, or anywhere else? Adorable!

  9. Vanessa Jubis says

    Ohh!!!! I LOVE this!! My girls are always asking me to do ‘cool’ shapes for them! Thank you so much! 😉

    Can’t wait to go and try this fun craft! 😮


  10. Beth Morrow says

    I did it and it worked….SO EXCITED…shirts are in the washer now…going to try to add a square skirt to them and whatever…will send you a picture prob to FB (because I know how to do that). Ok…hope you r having a good day!


  11. Beth Morrow says

    Update …my small sizes did great…my larger size…not so much. So, since I figure things outnin my sleep, I saw myself running a basting stitch with embrodery floss along the shape line…do you think that would hold the shape better?
    They really turned out cute…pink shirt with red dye hearts!
    Hope you got back to sleep after the broccoli last night and have had a good day.
    Love ya,