The Lil Journal Project | Day 37

I spent today in my journal listing out teachers that I could remember. It was harder than I thought. I remembered my elementary teachers and in middle school and high school I remember certain ones….but then I draw a blank. I know if I dig through some papers and report cards I might be able to remember the rest….but at least it’s a start so I don’t start forgetting more:

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The Lil Journal Project Day 37 #diy #artjournal #theliljournalproject


Guess what!  Now you can view all the journal prompts and techniques on one page!  Click the image below to visit them all:

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  1. Eldonna says


    I have been using and saving your journal prompts. Thank you for all the great ideas. I have the first 36 carefully saved to Pinterest, all in one folder. I would like to be able to continue posting one at a time. They are great prompts, I have organized them on my own in a way that makes sense to me. Is there any possibility you could return to the option of pinning a single prompt?

    BTW, I have already started making a list of my teachers. I thought I would remember them all, but I have a few gaps to fill in. I do have all my old report cards, so I will have to get them out sometime.

    I enjoy your posts so much. Thanks again.

  2. Elisabeth says

    I’ve only done through eighth grade so far. I remember pretty much all of them, and the school nurse, secretaries in the office, etc. (although I do have a bit of an advantage since I’m only in college now :) ). Something that surprises me, though, is how many teachers I’ve had- over 50 and I’m only through 8th grade (although some are repeats)! I actually had my mom as a history teacher in 5th grade, so that one was easy to remember!