Paintings by Boo

A process video of Boo creating 3 paintings….all painted to raise money for a good cause: The Academy of PDCPC (you can click here to view the listings)….I gave her ideas along the way and then we decided on quotes for her to add based on what the finished paintings looked like.  I taught her to finally use the electric sander. We used lots of paint and bubble wrap.

I recently accepted the Cre8time challenge from Michael’s to create for an hour a day for 8 consecutive days. For few days I worked in my art journal and on the days the Hungry Bunnies. For the remaining days this weekend, I left it up to Boo what we would do.  She wanted to make something to help raise money to help kids go to her school next year……and this is the idea we came up with: Paintings for a Cause. I stocked up on large canvases, paint, aqua crayons and willow charcoal.  I taught Boo a few techniques as she painted. You can see her creative progression in the little video we made:



We’ve listed them on eBay. All proceeds after fees go directly to The Academy of PDCPC here in Palm Desert and will be earmarked for financial aid funds.  Check out the paintings below. If you click the paintings you’ll be taken to the listing…..I like to tell people they are an “investment”…..maybe she’ll be a famous artist one day.

Me: What do you want to sell them for?

Boo: How about $30?  ……or….if they think that’s too expensive I’ll take $20…..or how about $15?



Boo Hackshaw via

I’m hoping they’ll go for a little more than that….it’s a chance to get a signed “Boo” original that benefits a great cause ; )


Be the Change painting by 6-year-old "Boo" Hackshaw via (bid for a cause)

Be The Change
24″ x 18″ Acrylic/Mixed Media Painting
Signed by “Boo” Hackshaw

Be the Change painting by 6-year-old "Boo" Hackshaw via (bid for a cause)


A Little Light painting by 6-year-old "Boo" Hackshaw via (bid for a cause)

A Little Light
20″ x 24″ Acrylic/Mixed Media Painting
Signed by “Boo” Hackshaw


A Little Light painting by 6-year-old "Boo" Hackshaw via (bid for a cause)





A River Runs Through It painting by 6-year-old "Boo" Hackshaw via (bid for a cause)

A River Runs Through It
20″ x 24″ Acrylic/Mixed Media Painting
Signed by “Boo” Hackshaw


A River Runs Through It painting by 6-year-old "Boo" Hackshaw via (bid for a cause)

It feels good creating for someone else.  It’s what I do everyday.  I hope to pass that onto Boo.  I think we’ll just keep painting…..and see where it goes.

Update: Additional paintings are listed on the Lil Boo Paintings page here!



  1. Michele M says

    Love….love…love these!! What an amazing talent your Beautiful Boo is. I know you both feel so proud of her. Michele m

  2. Amber L says

    AMAZING!! You are such a wonderful mom and she is a wonderful artist! I just love the fish one! So Beautiful!! Oh and can I send my little over for art lessons?? 😉 She would love to have you as a mom!!

  3. Melissa says

    Hi Boo – You are an amazingly talented little girl. Enjoy creating with your Mom every day. I love your paintings!

  4. Kim Rhodes says

    These are amazing. I am bidding. I have an original by you (when you were still a Swenson) so i must have an original by Boo.

  5. Jenni says

    I loved watching her process and progress. She is absolutely precious. I just looked and saw that the paintings have surpassed her sweet $30 suggestion. I only wish I could afford to bid – unfortunately they are already outside my “extra” budget! It is a wonderful cause – children need a good education and this is a wonderful way to help them achieve it.

  6. Mel says

    Awesome! Only been 1 day & already up to $286 (combined) on the auctions. Way to go Boo!!! The paintings turned out great. I really like the one w/ the kids & butterflies, but they were all wonderful. Keep it up. :)

  7. Tina says

    I’ve never commented before but I felt compelled to because these are so beautiful. Maybe before they go you could make prints of them to sell and raise even more money? I would love to have all three hanging in a future play room!

  8. Tasha says

    Love! I hope you are able to raise a lot of money. Our son attends a private school as well. Though it was the right decision for us, it is definitely a strain financially. I hope you are able to give that experience to a child in need. What a gift.

  9. Karen Hayes says

    I am in awe! Seriously… the intensity in Boo’s face while she works! She has inspired me! My son may just get some canvas for Easter 😉

    I have a suggestion… take a picture of the paintings to make “prints” that can also be sold. And note cards and stuff. I do that with my son’s art. You could put them up on ebay as well or make her her own little etsy shop!

  10. Kerry says

    I agree it would be great to be able to buy a postcard ( or bigger) sized copy of these, I am in the UK and shipping on the orginal artwork would just be too high for me but I would love a smaller copy to frame. Its a really fun project well done to you both for such a wonderful idea xx

  11. says

    Awesome. My grand-daughter and I are already planning a painting day. We may just have to donate to the children’s ministry at church or camp funds. Tomorrow night we’re making resurrection gardens in Soul Patrol to teach them the meaning of Easter.

  12. Elizabeth C. says

    LOVE THIS! So talented, just like Mommy!

    *Please encourage her to use a mask when using the sander. Those paint particles can cause all kinds of lung problems.

    xoxo, ejc

  13. says

    These are gorgeous, she’s definitely going to be an artist like her mama. She already is! I would also love to be able to buy a print. I am especially fond of Be the Change. So beautiful!

  14. says

    Ashley – – I just wanted to pop in to tell you that I followed your instructions on how to make a Sock Bunny, and I have gone mad making them now! Head on over to my blog to see the post I did today Let me know what you think of my work! You inspired me! Valerie

  15. Courtney says

    I have been attempting to learn to paint for years and I can’t say that anything I have done is as inspiring as your little boo.

  16. Christina says

    Wow! I’m impressed with her talent. My favorite painting was the one with children and butterfly’s, just beautiful. I also love your little videos. Can you please do a tutorial on how you make the videos? I want to make a short video of my kids but just don’t know where to start?! And also what do you film with? I don’t know if you already had a tutorial done on that? I can’t remember, but if you already did, can you please direct me where it would be. Thank you so much! I enjoy seeing all your little progression films a lot!