Mr. Blashaw meet Mr. Hackshaw

Boo’s favorite show on the weekend is Yard Crashers. When she saw her first episode she insisted that Matt Blashaw looks just like Mr. LBB….as I started watching for a second I was like “wait….is THAT Mr. LBB?!” They look so similar! They also have so many of the same mannerisms it’s a little eery to watch the show. Their names even sound alike: Matt Blashaw meet Brett Hackshaw:

Matt Blashaw Yardcrashers vs. Brett Hackshaw (Mr. LBB) via


Have you ever met your doppelganger? What famous person do people say you look like? When I was little I always got: Hayley Mills.  Then I got Hillary Swank for a long time.


  1. Anne says

    uncanny!!! what do Brett and Matt say about this? wouldn’t it be fun to interview them both and hear if they say the same things?

  2. says

    What’s even stranger is that there are TWO men in the world this good looking!! NO Hillary Swank!!! You are simply beautiful, wonderful you.

  3. Kayla says

    Wow! They do favor! People have always told me that I look a lot like Christina Ricci (especially when she acted in the Casper movie).

  4. Natalie says

    Oh my goodness! They are like the same person. No wonder Boo likes watching it. :) In high school, there was a guy who always sang “Let’s get together yeah yeah yea” from the Parent Trap to me because he thought I looked like Hailey Mills. Other people thought so too. Once I was told Daryl Hannah in my younger days – didn’t mind that although I didn’t see it!!

  5. Sandy N says

    They are strikingly similar. There’s a guy on the DIY network named Billy Darien that looks so much like my brother that I actually had to look up his info to make sure that he and my brother weren’t twins. Lol! I still kid my parents about how I thought for sure they had kept a big brother hiding from me all these years.

  6. says

    I have to say that when I first saw a picture of Mr. LBB I thought he looked like a celebrity. I wracked my brain trying to think of who it was. How freaky they look that much alike. I do have to say that Mr. LBB is way cuter/hotter than Matt.

  7. says

    I think you should check the family tree. They have to be related. LOL Apparently mine doppelganger is or was a professor at the local community college. I got that a lot. People would say hello in restaurants with a big smile like they knew me and then seeing my polite smile but puzzled expression realize I wasn’t her. 😀

  8. Brenda says

    I haven’t met my doppelganger, but there are a few pics of Molly Ringwald that I resemble (or did, rather, a long, long time ago). I have seen my mother’s doppelganger at the commissary where we food shop. And then on another occasion, I saw my step-dad’s doppelganger…. at the very same commissary. My daughter wanted to take their pictures, but I told her it would probably freak them out to ask.

  9. Melissa says

    WOW, the profile pictures are almost dead-on! Awesome! Handsome guys :-). I hear I look like Gwen Stefani almost every time I leave the house. I’ve also been told I look like Christina Aguilera and the girl from “White Zombie” alot. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just a generic blonde – LOL!

  10. April says

    There was a Yard Crashers marathon on last night, and I thought about this is whole time :)

  11. says

    That is nuts! I had a doppelgänger as a teen that I never met, but from age 12-17 I would occasionally meet someone new who would say call me Kelsey, or ask if I was Kelsey. So there was a girl who lived in the same town as me who apparently looked just like me and her name was Kelsey! I’ve never been told I look like someone famous though, and certainly not like Mr.LBB and Mr. Blashaw!

  12. wendy says

    Sometimes I think, cuz of your cool hair do, you look like La Roux. :) She is a red head, but your hair style makes you look similar. 😉

  13. says

    WHOA! That is pretty amazing. One of my favorite pastimes is people watching and deciding who looks like a celebrity. My dad looks just like Kenny Rogers (pre-horrific plastic surgery gone wrong) especially when his hair went grey and he shaved his beard into a goatee. It’s almost eery too!

  14. Michelle says

    That is really amazing! When I was in elementary school and my mom put me in double braids, all the kids said I looked just like Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls).

  15. Jenny says

    Oh. My. Gosh. They looks like twins! It’s crazy!!! And I always used to hear that I look like Brooke Shields. Just a much shorter version!

  16. Sidney says

    People used to tell me ( and still do ) that I look like my elementary school best friend! We’re still friends now and we still get mistaken for each other- even the school nurse does it! We used to pretend we were twins :)

  17. shelley says

    Brett is definitely the more handsome, but the similarity is remarkable! I hope Matt has the love, kindness, integrity, genuineness and extreme talent that Brett has!! Ashley and Boo are so blest to have him!