Wow Love It

I woke up this morning and Boo had a little gift for me…she picked it out herself:

little blue bird via

My sweet little girl:

mother's day ashley hackshaw via

Last night we went out to celebrate my mother-in-law’s 60th birthday. Early in the night, my sister-in-law Jen was using Boo’s room to get ready….she did a final spritz of perfume and walked down the hall.  Boo stepped out into the hall and said in all seriousness, as if Jen had left her the most amazing gift: 

Aunt TT (Jen), THANK you for the smell you just left in my room.

We laughed about it all night.

I don’t dress up a lot and when I walked out of my closet last night in my little black dress Boo lit up and said with amazing enthusiasm: Mommy….wow.  LOVE it.  I’d love a dress with one shoulder. She’s great at compliments.

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I was reflecting on how much I love being a mother….the little things that Boo does that bring me so much joy every day.  I love watching her wade through everyday life…..I love recording her sayings, her actions, and every little thing I learn from her.  I love reading back on the things my mother wrote down about me at the same age….all those records are such a wonderful gift my mother gave me.

Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. Jools says

    Happy Mother’s Day to you and all American Mommys. We celebrate in March over here which suits me as it’s my birthday this week and I get twice as many homemade cards! Your post reminded me that I need to be keeping more of a record of the precious things both my own Boo and my little boy say and do. Thank you. My favourite thing recently came from my 3 year old son. It’s been such a rubbish and long winter over here the cherry blossom has only just come out. Although it’s very beautiful with all the other plants and tress waking up at the same time. If not a little strange. When the wind blew the other day scattering blossom petals everywhere Sam said “look Mummy it’s snowing”.

  2. Ellie says

    Isn’t being a mother just the greatest?! Hope you had a wonderful day. I did. My daughter and I did yard work together at their house and enjoyed every minute! Our son wasn’t able to come home this weekend :(