Lunch Box Love: Easy Lunch Box Notes from Journaling Cards

I love leaving a little note in Boo’s lunch each morning. I picked up a few packs of those album journaling cards (the kind you put into photo albums) at Michaels. I even found 2 packs in the clearance section!  They are perfect for writing a quick little note on the back.

Journaling Cards are easy lunch notes! Easier than printable lunch cards! via #backtoschool #schoollunch #lunchnotes #journalingcards

Sometimes I write a note….sometimes a quick joke….or even draw a little picture.  Boo told me she saves them all in her desk so I’m pretty sure they will all be coming home at the end of the year.

Lunch Box Love (Journaling Cards as lunch notes)   via #backtoschool #schoollunch #lunchnotes #journalingcards

The packs are usually have a large variety and about 5 per variety……so you could even buy a few different variety packs and split them up with a friend.

Instead of Printable Lunch Notes use pre-made journaling cards! Lunch Box Love (Journaling Cards as lunch notes)   via #backtoschool #schoollunch #lunchnotes #journalingcards






  1. Heidi Reeder says

    I write lunch box love notes on napkins everyday for my kiddos. Everyday when my 5 year old little boy comes home, he has saved his napkin in his shorts pocket all smashed up. I ask him why he does that and he says so he can feel it in there and knows I love him all day while he is at school~

  2. Helene says

    Hi Ashley. I love this post! Last year when my son was in 4th grade I made a snack bag for him every day called…This Day in History. It could be anything from news, sports, birthdays, events and the most fun was when I could incorporate something about him into it. I’d wake up at the crack of dawn and google what happened that day and printed it out and pasted on his paper snack bag (and trust me, not everything is appropriate for 4th graders : ) so some days were a huge challenge.

    He had the most incredible teacher last year and he would read it to the class every day and make it a learning lesson. He hung every single one in the hallway and at the end of the year he put it in a book for me so my son would have it forever. You never know when you do these little things how they are going to affect people. My son loved reading them and his teacher loved sharing them. I felt like the luckiest mom in the world. This year I’m going to start with inspirational quotes just like you are doing and I’ll do them in advance so i can sleep in! Lots of Love to you and Boo!

  3. Michelle H. says

    I used to do this when our son was in preschool. Since he didn’t know how to read yet, I would cut out pictures of things he loved or funny pictures from magazines and tape them to little notepapers. Now I’m doing it for our daughters who can read. I’ll take funny pictures from magazines (a picture of Flo from progressive insurance ad and ask if they want to go as her for halloween)….(a picture of palm trees and ask them if it reminds them of our trip to Florida)..they can’t wait to see what each day’s note will bring….