A Reclaimed Sign

We spent the day today finishing up some painting in Boo’s room. It’s taken us forever to finish her room because of the wood paneling.  It will be done soon and I can finish up that room and share some photos.

One day Brett was looking for some old wood in the inn’s barn and we stumbled upon an old rotting sign that was used years ago to direct guests to the inn.  I asked Lainey if I could have it and she said yes so Brett ended up hauling this huge awkward tangled piece of wood back to the house….wondering what I was going to do with it.

I hung it above the fireplace:

Artwork above my fireplace using a reclaimed sign

Years ago it was a 20 foot long arrow reading: TURN HERE ONE MILE.  The only part I could salvage was the “TURN H.” But I do think it’s awesome.  The arrow has a reflective quality so when it’s dark it glows slightly.

Upcycled. Reclaimed. Recycled.




  1. kathy in colorado says

    Hello from Colorado….Sounds like you guys are off and running on your new adventure. I’d love to see/hear more about the Innkeepers and also people you meet along the way. Maybe that could be a random blog post every once in a while..”people we’ve met along the way”….

    Glad you all are doing well and I love your blog. :)