Boo wants to match Grace whenever she can. I found this cute outfit with matching American Girl dress at Kmart Online for $19…..steal. (here’s the link)

American Girl Clothes Matching (this was only $19!) via

So….I haven’t been in a K-Mart in about 10 years I think.  The dress is really well made and even Mr. LBB commented on how cute it was.  I found a few more online as well but I’ll share those when we get them and whether I’d recommend them.

P.S. I ordered the Med. It’s just a little tad big but fine over a long sleeve shirt.

P.P.S.  I decided to delay a few new patterns so that I can add American Girl-sized patterns with them. I’ll do anything to keep Boo interested in dolls for as long as possible…..

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Boo Style: Snap

Boo’s so proud that she learned to snap her fingers yesterday….and she does it non-stop. I was able to get up this morning to brush her hair for school and snap a pick before her “share” day… what she picked out to wear:


Dress: Upcycled by Dress Me on Etsy
Shoes: Target Glitter Shoes
Socks: Little Miss Matched


Boo Style: Save the Whales

Loving this little tote from Vineyard Vines.


Boo Style: Picture Day

Boo: Wake UP Mommy! It’s picture day!
Me: Let me sleep another 30 minutes.
Boo: There’s not enough time. Meet me in the den so I can get ready!
…a few minutes later…
Me: Oh, that’s not your dress…..I bought that as a gift for someone.
Boo: No, you bought it for my photo day! I know you did.

guess who won?

Dress: Mim Pi from Happy Chickadee
Leggings: Lil Blue Boo
Shoes: Crocs

Boo Style: A Digital Short

I took Boo to Old Navy yesterday.  She never gets to shop for anything “store bought” and I thought it would be fun to let her get a few outfits for the fall. She calls the mannequins her “other family” and has a slight obsession with the doggy….so I lugged my T1i camera along to test the HD video out.  I love how the video turned out and I love the outfits Boo picked.  We ended up spending $150 and ended up with the most fabulous faux leather riding boots and 7 amazing outfits….some of which Boo pulled from the Boys section!



Here is her $150 wardrobe… a pair of Joe’s Skinny Jeans (which are from her grandparents because I don’t even own Joe’s Jeans):

Boo Style: Purple Ninja

Me: Are you really going to wear that headband to lunch?
Boo: It’s not a headband. Headbands are half circles…..this is a circle.
Me: Then what is it?
Boo: It’s a blindfold….I need it for the pinata.
Me: I hate to be the bearer of bad news….but we don’t have a pinata.

Romper: Lil Blue Boo
Shoes: Purple T-Straps by Crocs
Doll Romper: The Melamoose Company

I had to share this photo from this morning too……the bottom of my biscuit had a smiley face on it:

Boo Style


I’ll call her “Half Pint.”

I have the entire Little House on the Prairie DVD Set so she’ll know what I’m talking about.



Tank: Vintage Lucy’s Pedigree Pup
Ruffle Pants: Lil Blue Boo “Almost Denim” Wide Leg Ruffles


Boo Style (for Dolly)

It’s sad when your child’s doll has more clothing than you do.

We love the tiny handmade clothes by The Melamoose Company and Apple Tree House.

Boo started putting them on a large garment rack until she ran out of hangers. They looked so cute I couldn’t resist a photo:

Simple Doll Clothing Storage - tension rod via

Boo Style: Nail Art

Boo has a standing appointment every 2 weeks to get her nails done with her Mimi (my mother-in-law).

The most fun is seeing what she requests for them to add to her nails. Sometimes it takes Yvonne (her personal nail lady) multiple attempts.

(Now if I could only find someone to take ME to get my nails done every two weeks!)







Boo Style


Mismatched Crocs = Awesome


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