Boo wants to match Grace whenever she can. I found this cute outfit with matching American Girl dress at Kmart Online for $19…..steal. (here’s the link)

American Girl Clothes Matching (this was only $19!) via

So….I haven’t been in a K-Mart in about 10 years I think.  The dress is really well made and even Mr. LBB commented on how cute it was.  I found a few more online as well but I’ll share those when we get them and whether I’d recommend them.

P.S. I ordered the Med. It’s just a little tad big but fine over a long sleeve shirt.

P.P.S.  I decided to delay a few new patterns so that I can add American Girl-sized patterns with them. I’ll do anything to keep Boo interested in dolls for as long as possible…..

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Boo Style: Picture Day

Boo: Wake UP Mommy! It’s picture day!
Me: Let me sleep another 30 minutes.
Boo: There’s not enough time. Meet me in the den so I can get ready!
…a few minutes later…
Me: Oh, that’s not your dress…..I bought that as a gift for someone.
Boo: No, you bought it for my photo day! I know you did.

guess who won?

Dress: Mim Pi from Happy Chickadee
Leggings: Lil Blue Boo
Shoes: Crocs

Boo Style: A Digital Short

I took Boo to Old Navy yesterday.  She never gets to shop for anything “store bought” and I thought it would be fun to let her get a few outfits for the fall. She calls the mannequins her “other family” and has a slight obsession with the doggy….so I lugged my T1i camera along to test the HD video out.  I love how the video turned out and I love the outfits Boo picked.  We ended up spending $150 and ended up with the most fabulous faux leather riding boots and 7 amazing outfits….some of which Boo pulled from the Boys section!



Here is her $150 wardrobe… a pair of Joe’s Skinny Jeans (which are from her grandparents because I don’t even own Joe’s Jeans):

Boo Style: Purple Ninja

Me: Are you really going to wear that headband to lunch?
Boo: It’s not a headband. Headbands are half circles…..this is a circle.
Me: Then what is it?
Boo: It’s a blindfold….I need it for the pinata.
Me: I hate to be the bearer of bad news….but we don’t have a pinata.

Romper: Lil Blue Boo
Shoes: Purple T-Straps by Crocs
Doll Romper: The Melamoose Company

I had to share this photo from this morning too……the bottom of my biscuit had a smiley face on it:

Boo Style: Nail Art

Boo has a standing appointment every 2 weeks to get her nails done with her Mimi (my mother-in-law).

The most fun is seeing what she requests for them to add to her nails. Sometimes it takes Yvonne (her personal nail lady) multiple attempts.

(Now if I could only find someone to take ME to get my nails done every two weeks!)