Alternative Easter Eggs (A Tutorial)

Alternative Easter Eggs (A Tutorial) via


A few fun alternative ways to decorate Easter eggs that we’ve done around here recently! I used wood and paper mache eggs to make our own lasting eggs:

Alternative Easter Eggs step 1 (A Tutorial) via

Painted and hand stamped eggs:

Alternative Easter Eggs step 2 (A Tutorial) via

Little $1 alphabet stamps from Micheal’s are perfectly sized for eggs:

Alternative Easter Eggs step 3 (A Tutorial) via

Washi-tape covered:

Alternative Easter Eggs step 4 (A Tutorial) via


Pretty washi (masking) tape colors are so pretty to cover an egg with:

Alternative Easter Eggs step 5 (A Tutorial) via

Spray painted eggs:

Alternative Easter Eggs step 6 (A Tutorial) via

Mix and match colors while they are still wet:

Alternative Easter Eggs step 7 (A Tutorial) via

Decoupaged eggs…..fortunes, stamps, small photos:

Alternative Easter Eggs step 8 (A Tutorial) via

Just use Mod Podge to paste each piece on:

AlterAlternative Easter Eggs step 9 (A Tutorial) via

Puffy paint dot eggs. These are perfect for boys….a volcano and an earth-inspired design:

Alternative Easter Eggs step 10 (A Tutorial) via

Easy peasy…..sharpies:

Alternative Easter Eggs step 11 (A Tutorial) via

How have you gotten creative with your Easter eggs?


The Dishtowel Skirt (A Tutorial)

The Dishtowel Skirt (A Tutorial) via

This cute little skirt was made from dishtowels!


The Dishtowel Skirt 1 (A Tutorial) via

Inexpensive, easy to sew, already hemmed and festive:


The Dishtowel Skirt 2 (A Tutorial) via

Holidays always bring the cutest little linens. I picked up these two Easter-themed dishtowels from Target and made them into a skirt for Boo:


The Dishtowel Skirt 3 (A Tutorial) via

Here’s how to make your own! Dishtowels are perfectly sized for a girl’s skirt up to about a size 6.

Step 1 & 2: Lay out your dishtowels and cut them in half.
Step 3: Cut off the side seams, but leave the bottom seams.
Step 4: I used the towel with the bunny as a patchwork panel so I trimmed the sides.

The Dishtowel Skirt 4 (A Tutorial) via

Step 5 & 6: Sew together your panels to create 2 large panels.
Step 7 & 8: Once you have two larger completed panels, place them on top of each other and sew the side seams together.

The Dishtowel Skirt 5 (A Tutorial) via

Step 9 & 10: Turn your skirt inside out and fold the top edge over about 1.5″ to form a casing for elastic. Finish the raw edge.
Step 11 & 12: Stitch your casing closed leaving about an inch opening to insert the elastic into. Thread the elastic through, sew the elastic shut and close the casing.

The Dishtowel Skirt 6 (A Tutorial) via

I added some pretty crocheted trim at the bottom of the skirt for some extra detail:

The Dishtowel Skirt 7 (A Tutorial) via

Dainty and pretty!

The Dishtowel Skirt 8 (A Tutorial) via

The finished skirt:

The Dishtowel Skirt 9 (A Tutorial) via

To make a matching tank, I made a little pom-pom from crocheted trim……

The Dishtowel Skirt 10 (A Tutorial) via

…..and sewed it to a plain camisole:

The Dishtowel Skirt 11 (A Tutorial) via

An Easter-themed outfit!  A quick sew and great for a beginner project.

The Dishtowel Skirt 12 (A Tutorial) via

My sister Perry is here visiting this week! We had fun today hiding eggs in the yard to practice for some upcoming Easter hunts:

The Dishtowel Skirt 13 (A Tutorial) via