Printed Canvas Bunting (A Tutorial)

The first thing I made with my new Silhouette machine was this printed canvas bunting! I downloaded 2 different bunting graphics from the Silhouette online store and had the machine cut out the designs on vinyl:



I placed the vinyl cutout onto a basic screen. The bunting is a “positive” image so I had to cut a few pieces of vinyl to create an outline around it:



I used a large canvas tablecloth for my fabric. First I did a row of charcoal colored flags in one design:


Then I did a second design in hot pink:


I was tempted to silk screen the entire table cloth with this print and leave it at that!



I cut out each flag:



I left the edges of the flags raw…..the ink keeps them from fraying:


I used a 1/4″ ribbon as the string……


……and sewed each flag to it along the top:



So festive! An easy way to decorate for a party or just spruce up a room or table:



For more on screen printing and where to buy supplies check out my other detailed tutorials:



  1. Shelly says

    How timely.
    I woke up thinking I had to make a bunting for my stepdaughter’s grad party on Sunday…I didn’t realize it was quite this easy. Although for her I have to cut out letters and spell stuff, which is NOT my forte*. (I wish I knew how to make that word into a french word with the line above the e)

  2. Brittany says

    You have inspired me to buy my first screen to screen print! I am so excited!

  3. Lindsey says

    So cool! My Mom has screen printing supplies (art teacher) and I got a Silhouette for Mother’s Day. I can see what we’re going to be doing all summer!
    One question though, do you put the Contact paper directly onto the sticky mat (which one do you use?) or do you peel and put it one the mat?
    Thanks for sharing all the fun stuff you do!

  4. suzi says

    Just saw the machine for the first time this morning on your blog, awesome!! Would love to use it to upcycle clothes with! Having a look at their website, ethcing glass looks really cool to try out too.
    Like LBB already, Silhoutte now too! :-)