WWYM II: Julie of Joy’s Hope

Today we are thrilled to have Julie of Joy’s Hope participating in Round II of WWYM! Julie is super crafty, hilarious, incredibly generous, loves the color turquoise (just check out her kitchen – amazing!) and always full of JOY. She has some of the best recipes, and we especially love her Insta-Friday posts!  What we love most about Julie is her huge heart! Her blog will make you laugh, cry, and feel inspired. Head on over to Joy’s Hope, we know you will be hooked. First, lets see what Julie made!


Please welcome Julie of Joy’s Hope!


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When you get asked to participate in something so fun as What would YOU make?  Hosted by Lil Blue Boo, you don’t say no.

You just don’t.

You get a little scared.  A little intimidated.  Then you dig through your brain to come up with a project worthy of the gorgeous fabric that landed on your doorstep.

I hope that this little project quailfies.  It sure makes me happy, but most importantly, it makes my girlies happy.

We are on the go a lot.

A lot a lot a lot.

The girls color a lot.

A lot a lot a lot.

We have been using cookie sheets as little lap desks in the car forever.  Useful?  Yes.  Cute?  Not so much.  Plus the pens and crayons fly off and fall under the seats.  All the time.  If I have to mediate another THE PINK MARKER FELL BETWEEN THE SEATS MOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!! meltdown, I just might have a meltdown of my own.


So what is one to do with cute fabric, spray paint, glue and some magnets?

Change car art forever.

Pair it with a coloring book, cute journal, or if you are the sewing type (or would like to become the sewing type) stitch up a matching personalized composition book cover.

They are really, really easy.  Pinky swear.


Then throw in a rainbow set of sparkly new markers that thankfully won’t fall under the seats.  Yay on all levels!


This happy set would make a very special and affordable gift for the young ones in your life.

Plus I have a feeling that their parents would love your forever for it.

Road trips have never been easier, when my girls are armed with a fresh composition book and new markers.



DVD player?  Who needs one?



Thank you so much Ashley and Lisa for asking me to participate.  It was so much fun!




For more photos and the full tutorial please visit Joy’s Hope.

Thank you Julie!

Come back tomorrow for another creation using the same fabric from Jill of Homemade by Jill and click on the WWYM button below to see all past creations!



  1. Shelly says

    Ha, I thought I was genius when I picked up 2 vintage trays (that I didn’t know were cookie sheets until now) at Goodwill and started using them as tables in the cars! We use them to dump our food out on when we’re eating on the go, coloring book holders and a solid place to play barbies even! Never thought of the cute can idea like that though for markers! Genius! I dig the comp cover too. Definitely will be doing that one!

  2. christineR says

    Love it! So are they metal trays, spray painted and magnets holding the can down? Yes? VERY CUTE! I have 5 kids and I think I might just have to make 5 of these sets!

  3. Jenn Walton says

    So thankful for this post! We do not have or want electronics in our car. We bought Callie a lap tray for our 3,000 mile roadtrip in July. Would have loved to have roped Ash and Lisa in to making me one, but I value our friendship too much! I will attept because I think it’s even great in the living room in the afternoon or out at the pool. Thank you!!

  4. Jenni says

    This is really awesome! I love how you “up-cycled” these things. I’m sure most people have some ugly cookie trays laying around that are begging for a pretty fix-up like this. My kids are going to love this!