A Strawberry Shortcake Dress (A Tutorial)

Silhouette just released their new 12″ cutting machine the CAMEO! Here’s my first project with it:


I purchased a simple 99 cent strawberry image from the Silhouette online store and had the machine cut it out onto vinyl shelf paper.



Many of you know that I haven’t been feeling well so I had a TON of help with this tutorial. Gicela brought fabric samples of scraps we had and I picked them out and she cut out the dress pieces and made them into a t-shirt dress style. You can use my Sienna Dress Pattern as a starting point.

Lisa used my strawberry cutout to make a contact paper silk screen (you can see the full contact paper silk screen tutorial here):


Basically the contact paper adheres to the screen (I use 110 mesh YUDU screens (without the machine) because they are flat and easy to store)……


……and you pull the ink (Versatex Ink) across the screen to push the ink through for your image:



Lisa also printed some polka dots onto some pink fabric and used my free beret pattern to make the hat. We already had the leggings but you could use my li’l leggings pattern to make a pair with a ruffle at the bottom too.


Boo loves it so it made my day! Here she is at school today with my mom:




Use the discount code LILBLUEBOO through October 31st you’ll get:

The brand-new CAMEO and your choice of a starter kit (Fabric Ink, Vinyl, Heat Transfer, Rhinestone) for $299. There are a limited number of Cameos for this promotion and they will sell out so if you want one don’t wait!

The Silhouette CAMEO™ is an electronic cutting tool that connects to your computer allowing you to cut fonts and images in cardstock, vinyl, heat transfer material, etc.


  1. Genevieve says

    I juste finish my version of strawberry shortcake costume without knowing about your tutorial. Im going to post my version in the facebook pattern page soon! Love your tutorial too!

  2. Linda L says

    So cute! My girls loved Strawberry Shortcake(way back in the 80’s….LOL)! Boo looks like she has gotten a lot taller all of a sudden!! Glad to see you are feeling a little better. Blessings to you and yours! : ) Going to go oogle the cameo now……..

  3. Samantha says

    Have you tried freezer paper? I use freezer paper to create an iron on stencil wiht my cricut… although your machine is looking way cooler!

  4. Kate says

    Blessings to you and your family x

    My daughter is 9 and would love this…Could i enlarge your pattern to fit her?

    So glad to hear your feeling a little better xx

  5. Michelle M. says

    This is just adorable! My girls love Strawberry Shortcake! I had been considering a S.C. birthday for my 3 year old and this would be an awesome birthday outfit. Guess what? my little girls name is Sienna too! Glad to see you are feeling a teensy bit better. Hang in there!! I look forward to each of your posts always.

  6. JodiR says

    Oh Ashley! This is sooo cute. Please make some for spring, and bring back those cute striped leggings too. :) We love our pink ones, but the greens are so perfect with this dress. Great job mama. I cannot believe you are creating after all you have been through lately. You never cease to amaze me in a good way.

  7. michelle says

    Hey Ashley, I hope u r feeling good today. You and your family are on my mind frequently……especially Boo. She is so lucky to have such an AWESOME mom, and family. My prayers continue to be with all of you. On a happier note: I purchased your LBB pants pattern last year to make school pants for my daughter. I love the pattern by the way SO EASY to understand. However, I am having some trouble finding the right type of fabric. 4 way seems to come in soooo many different types ex: wicking, Italian Spandex, Nylon, Equestrian and finally Spandura!?!??!…OMYGOSH 2 many decisions!!! My question is what type am I looking for to make cotton spandex, versus the shiny stuff, and can you tell me in your opinion the best place to purchase it on-line? As always thanks and God Bless!!