Tiny Pastry Erasers (A Tutorial)


I was resting in bed today getting ready for my surgery tomorrow and decided to make some cute little pastry erasers. A small crafting project…..so I wouldn’t make too big of a mess in my bed. Aren’t they cute? I could see these being “Barbie food” too…..so tiny and realistic:


I used a fun product called Clayzee…..the eraser version. It’s like a putty and you put it in the microwave (in water) once you are done and it turns into an eraser!

To make a brown color I mixed a bunch of the colors together:


They blend really easily for mixing:


I made a donut first….by making a flat circle and poking a hole through the middle:


I made a flat pancake piece for pink icing:


I molded the icing over the top almost like a fondant!


To make sprinkles I rolled out a thin piece of Clayzee and chopped little pieces off:


Each sprinkle was carefully placed on the donut:


I made a chocolate cupcake base using a piece of black Clayzee and used a knife to etch lines in the side:


For the icing, I rolled out a really, really long piece of white Clayzee:


I wound the icing up on top of the cupcake and then added some sprinkles:



Some finished sprinkles! Follow the directions on the Clayzee box but these need to be set using a microwave and water before they are actually “erasers”:


Speaking of pastries….check out these amazing cookies my friend Mollie brought over today! They were made by Tiffany’s Sweet Spot in La Quinta. She got the “Choose Joy” graphic perfectly!


I’ve got to figure out how to preserve one of these!




  1. Beth Morrow says

    Adorable…my granddaughters would love these and could probably make them too. You are very impressive! I am praying for you!

  2. Shelly says

    Yes!! Barbie food. I have never heard of that material before. You always find the randomest stuff….
    Well girl…..
    Of course I’ve been praying for peace for you all week long. Please have Lisa throw a tweet out for an update when you get out of surgery so we know you’re doing ok.
    I think I speak for all of your followers when I say, you have lots of besties out here that wish we could be there with you. Blog friends are so wierd that way, we are so connected to you through LBB and we are all here for you and your family.
    Just say the word girl.
    God Bless and give yourself a hug from me ok?

  3. Karen says

    Thinking and praying for ya’ll. Hope everything goes great today.

    Hugs and Prayers from Mississippi

  4. says

    Very cute.
    I wish you all the best, and strength for your whole family. I was really shocked to read your story; you’re in my prayers. I hope the surgery went well.

  5. Kat Pick says

    These cookies are the nicest! The Lads and I hope that your surgery went well and you will be recovering in record time…those postop donuts aren’t going to eat themselves! And surely, you get the pass to eat those bad boys, all you like! Really hoping that all went well and you get some rest and some peace….take care of yourself, please!

  6. Kathy says

    Love the erasers but have to say about the cookies: as one who has done decorating, makes me tired just looking at them!! How labor intensive!! And then they are eaten!! Such a waste! Hope you find a way to preserve one (or more!!!)

  7. says

    Praying hard for you this week, and will be tuning in to your blog to find out how it all goes. You are one of only 3 blogs that I read which I am inspired by so much that I have an email feed to you instead of having you on my Google Reader. I fell in love with your blog when you wrote about your dads passing. CHOOSE JOY is the most beautiful post and I hope you never ever take that sidebar away because I come back to it often for inspiration. I have had all my kids and my husband read it recently. I know you must feel so much strength from your dad during your trials now. God bless you and yours in the days ahead. I know you will choose joy! Blessings, Tia

  8. says

    Wow, these are so awesome! What a fun product. My nieces and nephews would love this. Praying for you in your surgery tomorrow.

  9. Meredith M. says


    I just found your blog three days ago through Pinterest. I love your crafts and ideas. I had to read more once I saw the word oncology in your post. I have a daughter about your daughter’s age and am a stay-at-home mom and wife to an awesome guy. I can’t imagine going through what you are and still remaining so positive. I just wanted you to know I believe in the power of prayer and will be praying for you and your healing! Thanks for being such an inspiration.

  10. says

    How sweet! I don’t know if I can get this stuff in Germany, but it would definitely be worth asking auntie Google 😉

  11. Tuesday Morning says

    This is so creative and intricate! It seems like children would love it. Have you used this idea for making other erasers, holiday themed perhaps?

  12. Nicole says

    I can’t wait to try these!! My daughter collects erasers and would absolutely love these!


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