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    I always stop by your blog to read your news and updates, It’s been almost 3 years now since I started to follow your blog, and almost never left a comment, you are so active in your shop, blog and life itself that I can’t imagine you even having time to read all the comments! I wonder how you do that!?? I consider myself hipper active I can’t stop doing things for a minute but I barely can update my blog once a week (and that if I am lucky!) and you are going though a lot and find the time to post almost everyday and came up with new ideas and tutorials, amazing tutorials! And that makes your blog one of the best craft blogs I have ever read.

    I really wish you the best and get better soon, you have always been a big inspiration to me and I admire you for your strength and creativity.

    You are great!

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    Just found your lovely blog through good ol’ pinterest. LOVE all the tutorials you have on here. Not sure what to try first! :)