Printable Fill-in-the-Blank Thank You Notes (Free Download)


Printable Fill-in-the-Blank Thank You Notes via


Thank you notes are so important! I had to write them when I was younger and Boo has to do the same. Here are some cute Christmas themed ones that you can just print onto cardstock…’s easy for your kiddos to just fill in the blanks! They fit into regular sized stationary envelopes! Enjoy!



Printable Fill-in-the-Blank Thank You Notes via


  1. Elizabeth W says

    Sorry to hear about the jaw pain. My daughter had that too – vincristine causes it. It was worst with her first round and got progressively better. The best thing for her was to eat a popsicle or ice cube first and then eat something else. She also just didn’t eat much during the time that her jaw hurt, but it only lasted for a few days.

    Thinking of you much,

  2. Glenda Potter says

    Hi Ashley,
    When I was facing my hair loss I certainly wasn’t going to wear those tacky turbans so I got on line fast and found an incrediable website; They are beautiful and stylish and I wore them the entire time. I had women stop me in the mall and ask me where I bought them; they didn’t realize I was wearing them because I was bald. I especially liked the one with the loops around the face so you can put a scarf through them. I have recommended them to several ladies and they loved them. I just couldn’t do the wig thing, but everyone has to go with what makes them comfortable. God bless…praying every day for you and your family!

  3. says

    I’m so sorry to hear about the joint pain.. if Claritin doesn’t work, you could also have ibuprofin. It’s allowed along with Tylenol, but be sure to tell your staff.

    Thank you for the Thank You’s! They are very timely. :) We just ran out.

    Peace, Joy (Of course) and blessings to you and your family in the New Year!

  4. kelly gish says

    The song you were talking about, the one your sister sings to boo, comes from the CD ROCK N ROLL SONGS THAT TEACH. Its a great CD, I use to use it in my first grade classroom. Love the thank you cards..thanks. Hopefully your feeling better soon!! Kelly

  5. says

    i just wanted to say thanks for the great example you are in your journey with cancer. you make me smile.

    also, thanks for the great instructions on how to take pictures of my christmas three with our new camera (yay!).

  6. Jennifer says

    Aw the button sing, I wish you could come see my preschoolers sing that song it’s so funny to watch 20 3 and 4 y/o dance/do the movements to it. Thank you for the Thank you, print out!

    I think about you everyday and pray for you too!

  7. Nancy says

    You rock, Ashley! These are terrific. I love fill-in-the-blank TYs! Hope your holidays were fabulous. XO!

  8. says

    Absolutely love the thank you notes! So thank you for sharing! I’m not the best at remembering to do them, so we will do them today! Maybe start a new tradition? New Years Day, write thank yous!

  9. Caryn says

    Thanks so much for the super cute, simple…and free…download for kids thank you notes! I pinned it on my Pinterest board…I hope that’s okay!

    Happy New Year!!

  10. Heather G. says

    These are great, thank you! Leila just told me the other day that she wants to write Santa a thank you note!

  11. Christa says

    Thank you very much for creating these! We use fill in the blank cards every year, and your are the cutest I’ve seen yet.

  12. says

    Hope you are feeling better. I was really happ to read your good news today. My cousin was just diagnosed with breast cancer and is starting chemo this month…I think maybe at Loma Linda. I have directed her to your blog more than once for I spiration and strength. Thank you and very best wishes. Thank you for these printables. I really need them for my daughter!

  13. Tanya B says

    Thank you for sharing these. I used them today for my 4 year old — they turned out really cute.


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