Play Food: Whole Wheat Pasta

Play Food: Whole Wheat Pasta via


A quick and easy project for today! Boo and I made some whole wheat pasta for her play market.  It looks so realistic! We started with 2 pieces of oatmeal colored craft felt:


Play Food: Whole Wheat Pasta via


I cut the felt into half inch strips:


Felt Whole Wheat Pasta Tutorial via


A pile of pasta!


Easy Felt Food: Whole Wheat Pasta Tutorial via


We used plastic sleeves to package the pasta. Note: plastic bags shouldn’t be used for children under 3.


Easy Felt Food: Whole Wheat Pasta Tutorial via


I created a label and printed it off onto adhesive sticker paper (from your office supply store):


Felt Food: Whole Wheat Pasta Tutorial via


It’s already in her grocery cart!


Felt Food: Whole Wheat Pasta via


Feel free to save this graphic to make your own play pasta!

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  1. Robin Moody says

    When I was a little girl, a while back, my Mom would open all baxes and cans from the bottom so I could have the empities for my store. Felt seems much safer than cans though.
    Take care. You and your family are in my prayers every day.

  2. melissa says

    love it! I teach kindergarten in a low economic school where some children don’t know what whole wheat is. I plan on making something with real whole pasta for them to try and then adding this to our play store. Helps meet 2 standards in health and math. Fun simple idea, thanks!

  3. Lara says

    Super cute! Amazing that you are gathering enough energy to do something fun for your daughter given everything going on. Thinking and praying for you every day. My hubby had lymphoma at age 25 – he’s been in remission since ’93. I have faith that you will kick this cancer and be celebrating remission anniversaries too!

  4. Dora Taylor says

    You are so creative. I love that!!
    I love your site…
    I am a new follower.
    You have such great energy! You are an inspiration.

    –now a silly question…
    what program did you use to make that cute graphic? is that adobe?
    thanks so much!

  5. Beth Morrow says

    I thought it was real whole wheat pasta! So adorable! Pinterest has a bunch of felt food…ck. it out.
    Hope you have a great day today…just prayed for you today!
    Love ya,


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