Project Playroom: Storage Solutions

Can you spot what I added to the playroom project today?


Project Playroom Storage Ideas via

Even a play kitchen needs smart storage solutions… I added 3 Ikea spice racks. They are the perfect width and height for play food and appliances!


Project Playroom Storage Ideas via


I also added an Ikea storage rod for pots and pans:


Project Playroom Storage Ideas via


The Ikea spice shelves are about $4 a piece…and a coat of spray paint can match them to any room:


Project Playroom Storage Ideas via


I put up the shelves while Boo was at school and she loaded them up as soon as she got home!


Project Playroom Storage Ideas via

Some recent additions to her kitchen that she got as gifts for her birthday (appliances from Pottery Barn Kids):


Project Playroom Storage Ideas via


The market and kitchen are coming along!


Project Playroom Storage Ideas via


There are still a few more projects before it’s completely finished!

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  1. Kristi says

    Ashley it looks amazing! I’m sure she has a blast! My daughter Bella is turning 2 and she loves her kitchen and shopping cart, she can play with them all day! Where did you get the storage bins on her yellow shelves? Are the wooden? They are the perfect size! LMK….thanks!

  2. Carrie says

    I see a doughnut!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I forwarding this to my sister, my niece has a play kitchen with a bunch of food and such and its usually spread across the floor in the play room.

    on another note about doughnuts……CONFESSION: I have never..had…a krispy creme doughnut! (if thats how you spell it). I live in Canada and I think we have the stores in the bigger cities. I dreamed about them last night….I really want one.

  3. lisa jack says

    Please come to my house next? #3 will be here next Mon….oldest will be 4 in march & the bebe is almost 1-1/2. They would have a BLAST for years to come with your awesome market/kitchen!!!! So … flight to Oklahoma?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Donna says

    We love our Learning Resources cash register too! I have often lugged it along to craft fairs when I’m selling my needle felted toys, or use it at our garage sales. We have the battery version that has math and coin games on it, but this solar powered one is the version I bought for my neices and nephews 18 years ago and it still works! BEAUTIFUL play ktichen.

  5. Anu Varghese says

    Where do you find the ‘wooden’ spices and bottles? They are so cute!
    As is your kitchen setup!!!

  6. Michele says

    Your daughter is the luckiest girl in the world to have you! Can I play in that kitchen too? Praying for your whole family.

  7. says

    Love, LOVE the kitchen! I wish big kitchens were so much fun to work in! You have such great ideas. She’s so lucky to have a great mommy like you!

  8. Amy Rose Baldridge says

    My little girl has those same pots and pans!! Suddenly I have a terrible case of kitchen envy!!!! :)

  9. says

    Very nice! My kids have a play kitchen as well, I use to have a nice spot in the craft room for it, set up with shelves and all, but then…I NEEDED MORE ROOM! So I moved it out and into my little girl’s room. Oops! Now I have to figure out how to reorganize it to the max for full enjoyment.

  10. Claudia Mรฉndez says

    Yo quiero unaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Es simplemente sorprendente, y esa cocina esta mejor equipada que la mia, en realidad quiero una pero para mi.

  11. says

    Oh, how I love this! My daughter got the PBK appliances for Christmas and now that I know they fit on the Ikea spice racks, looks lile there is an Ikea trip in my future! Thank you for yet another fabulous idea. :)

  12. karina says

    Where did you you buy the food bottles that you put on the ikea spice racks. Im really loving this whole corner market and cafe them you dont need lots of space just arange it properly right. :)) Good job.