Alternative Easter Eggs (A Tutorial)

Alternative Easter Eggs (A Tutorial) via


A few fun alternative ways to decorate Easter eggs that we’ve done around here recently! I used wood and paper mache eggs to make our own lasting eggs:

Alternative Easter Eggs step 1 (A Tutorial) via

Painted and hand stamped eggs:

Alternative Easter Eggs step 2 (A Tutorial) via

Little $1 alphabet stamps from Micheal’s are perfectly sized for eggs:

Alternative Easter Eggs step 3 (A Tutorial) via

Washi-tape covered:

Alternative Easter Eggs step 4 (A Tutorial) via


Pretty washi (masking) tape colors are so pretty to cover an egg with:

Alternative Easter Eggs step 5 (A Tutorial) via

Spray painted eggs:

Alternative Easter Eggs step 6 (A Tutorial) via

Mix and match colors while they are still wet:

Alternative Easter Eggs step 7 (A Tutorial) via

Decoupaged eggs…..fortunes, stamps, small photos:

Alternative Easter Eggs step 8 (A Tutorial) via

Just use Mod Podge to paste each piece on:

AlterAlternative Easter Eggs step 9 (A Tutorial) via

Puffy paint dot eggs. These are perfect for boys….a volcano and an earth-inspired design:

Alternative Easter Eggs step 10 (A Tutorial) via

Easy peasy…..sharpies:

Alternative Easter Eggs step 11 (A Tutorial) via

How have you gotten creative with your Easter eggs?



  1. haley says

    these eggs are adorable. i might just plan on using some ideas with the little ones in the family.

  2. Tami says

    We are going to paint them with chalkboard paint and let our little ones color away without the mess!

  3. angela says

    Beautiful ideas,especially the Decoupage! Last year I dyed eggs in strong brewed coffee..Nothing special but they turned out so pretty:) Where do you get unpainted wooden eggs? Thanks!

  4. says

    Super cute and creative! I haven’t ventured into any creative egg coloring yet, but you’ve inspired me with a couple of your ideas. Thanks Ashley! :)

  5. says

    Hello, I found your blog yesterday, and I think is very good, these eggs are so cute …
    If you want to pass on my blog:

    kisses and good luck: D

  6. kayla says

    My husband and I just started a tradition of painting wooden eggs last year for our daughter’s first Easter. This year (at 21 months) she painted hers by rolling it around in an old tissue box. We’re displaying the eggs every year as something special to look back on.

    Angela-you can find the wooden eggs at JoAnn’s.

  7. colleen from alabama says

    I am impressed that you can get those little stamps to line up straight! Mine always look like a drunk person did them! Or like i was possibly contemplating alternative spellings… LOL! Any tips? :)

  8. Joy T. says

    So what’s on the eggs before the sharpies? So pretty.. looks like linen or some kind of paper?

  9. says

    Wow, so beautiful and you made so many different kinds! We have egg allergy in our family so we painted wooden eggs this year – but so many more awesome ideas here to learn from. Thanks for sharing!