Painting TOMS (A Tutorial)

DIY spray painted TOMS via


My TOMS were looking a little dingy so I decided to spruce them up with a little spray paint!

DIY spray painted TOMS 1 via


All you need is a few doilies, spray paint and masking tape. I used some straight pins as well.

DIY spray painted TOMS 2 via


First, use the masking tape to cover the sole of the shoe to protect it from the paint:

DIY spray painted TOMS 3 via


Crumple up newspaper or tissue paper to fill the shoes with. This will protect the inside from paint:

DIY spray painted TOMS 4 via


Take the doilies and wrap them around each shoe:

DIY spray painted TOMS 5 via


I used straight pins to keep the doilies in place around the shoes:

DIY spray painted TOMS 6 via


Lightly spray your shoes several times. It took a few coats to cover the shoes because the paint kept absorbing into the canvas:

DIY spray painted TOMS 7 via


Let the shoes dry thoroughly….then remove the doilies!

DIY spray painted TOMS 8 via


I love them more now than I did before!

DIY spray painted TOMS 9 via



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Living a simple, creative life in #smalltownusa Bryson City, NC. Renovating a 1960s ranch house and an old train depot. Thank you for reading! Read more in my about section. 


  1. 1

    I just jumped on the TOMS bandwagon & have no idea why it took so damn long! My first pair right now is these red ones so I’m pinning for the end of summer when I’m sure they’ll be needing some TLC. Thank you!

  2. 2
    Nicole Hershman-Daniels says:

    I have to know… where do you hang your cape at night? You’re like a real life super HERO! Is there anything you CAN’T do? Are you awesome at everything? I think we all know the answer to that…

  3. 4

    i have been following you for some time and i have to tell you that you are so inspirational, to never give up, to never be beaten, to make every day creative to enrich your own soul as it is needed. I think being a mother and step mother saps it from you especially if you let the negative in. I must remember to bit a lot more like you. thank you so much for sharing your journey and your creations with us all. from my heart to yours i have a lovely big hug just for you. xxxx

  4. 5

    LOVE! I knew I should have grabbed up those doilies at Michael’s!! *grumble* Maybe there’s still a few left.

  5. 6

    This is awesome! I can’t wait to try it with some other cute canvas shoes that I have lying around! :)

  6. 7

    We Did this to my Aunt’s, Kitchen table! The tabletop was not pretty at all, so we took some pretty rose lace and some spray paint and it turned out better than we thought! I never thought of doing it with shoes!

  7. 8

    So Cute!!! I used my silhouette to make chevron stickers and used those as a stencil to paint mine! I love having 1 of a kind Tom’s!

  8. 9

    I dig the idea behind Toms, but have a hard time with the shoe itself. I just don’t like them, but the red ones might change my mind.

  9. 10

    Love this!! I just got the reds ones. Can’t wait to do this when the wear out!

  10. 11

    Awesome! I am going to have to try this asap!

  11. 12

    Ash…I love these “new shoes”! Sooo easy….I think those are my doiles drink coasters I bought in Ireland in 1986?? You are amazingly creative and I am sooo glad you are putting those coasters to use!! Love you

  12. 13

    This is awesome!

  13. 14

    super love TOMS!! they’re the most comfortable slip on shoes ever! I’m thinking of painting my black ones, but just not sure what design. Thanks for sharing your idea :)

  14. 15

    Love how these turned out! I have burlap ones that are getting kind of old looking. I’m tempted to paint leopard spots on them, but I’m SO not an artist, and it’d be my luck that I totally ruin them.

  15. 16
    Beth Morrow says:

    Adorable…great idea!

  16. 17

    i have some converse hightops that would be great for this, thanks for the instructions!

  17. 18

    Love this idea!!! I just might have to try it. I’d like to start over all together though. do you think it’s possible to spray them a color you want and then do this on top or is 2 different paints gonna be too much? Does that make sense?

    • 19
      Megan P says:

      I think it would. My cousin and I do it on the cheapy ones from Payless. We cover them with out Texas Ranger spirit!

  18. 20
    Megan P says:

    I wonder if this would work with the sparkly Toms?

  19. 21

    I don’t have any Toms, but I love the idea! It’s so cute AND unique. No one else has Toms like you. I think that’s awesome.

  20. 22

    That is a super cool upgrade from original toms!!!!

  21. 23

    Wow, these look great! Doilies are so useful

  22. 24

    You can spray paint almost anything! I saw an expensive silver handbag, bought a similar style at the thrift store, and sprayed it silver. It’s great!

  23. 25

    What an awesome thing to do to either spruce up old shoes or make one of a kind. Both of them are so cool. Red is my favorite color and I would wear your shoes in a heartbeat.

  24. 26
    janeycat57 says:

    Love the shoes… where can i buy Tom shoes ? They look so comfortable, are they as comfortable ? Good idea to use spray paint to update used shoes and get more life out of them…

  25. 27
    Anna Hopkins says:

    Did you use paper doilies?

  26. 30
    Artemis says:

    I think you can buy paper counterparts of those dollies which would cut down the cost (and damage) of this DIY, and the fuzziness of the pattern since the dollies would be closer to the shoe.

    • 31

      The cloth ones are $1 from Michaels or the 99 cent store. The great thing about the cloth ones is that you can keep them and use them over and over as stencils for other items!

  27. 32

    Love this idea!!! Tried it. Got and did everything exact from your blog and didn’t work by any means, I’d like to know if this worked for anyone else?!? And how the results were!


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