1. Lisa B. says

    Okay, so I totally love the idea of a head scarf in theory. . . . . There must be something wrong with the shape of my head. I have never been able to get any type of scarf/head wrap to stay on! I’m also thinking that I just look like I’m trying too hard! how do all these cute girls do it? :-)

    • KATIE says

      Just feel like the other girls when they wear them and just act like you can pull it off haha:D!!

    • Let it be. says

      Oh my gosh…you totally validated (for me anyway) that you must have the ‘right’ head! I can not even keep a headband on, they slide up off the back of my head. I can’t figure out how to make it stay. I’ve tried bobby pins and I’ve tried pulling it down further on my forehead. By the time I get it far enough down on my forehead, to stay down in the back, it’s over my eyes. Bummer, I need something for my, more than occasionally, bad hair days. :)

  2. Adriana M. says

    Love this! I have so many scarves from my sister but I never knew how to tie them! She always wore them as belts or around her neck but I like hair accessories. This is helpful! :)

  3. says

    So do you have ideas for where to buy cute scarves? I always see the pashima-style scarves that would be way too thick for tying.

    • Adriana M. says

      Nordstroms here has a great selection. Or Target, though they’re not actually silk scarves but still very nice and decent prices. Some of my favorite ones from my sister’s collection are Lucky Brand.

      • Raspberry Scarf says

        This is great – lots of brilliant ideas. The silk scarf is so versatile it can finish off literally any outfit.

  4. Selena says

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