1. Ali says

    and the hate mail starts in 3….2….1…..

    haha. You have yourself quite a little character there.

    • The Iowa Expat says

      Exactly what I was thinking! Thanks for keeping us entertained, Ashley & Boo. I have a little creative thinker at my house as well.

  2. Alison says

    That is hilarious, and I just snorted Diet Pepsi all over my sweatshirt. You go girl!

    • Jen says

      This is what my 3 year old said to me this weekend.

      At Marions Ice Cream Parlor

      Evy is eating Blue Moon Ice Cream (which she decided to name Smurf Ice Cream, yes it’s blue)

      Evy: Mom, taste this!
      Me: No, that’s ok, I have my own.
      Evy:No you have to try it! It tastes just like SMURFS!!!!!!!!
      Me: Well, if you say so! (and I take a bite)

  3. says

    please share the hate mail you get from this post! haha. her picture is shockingly accurate to hancock. She’s hilarious