Making a T-Shirt Transfer Doll

Make a t-shirt transfer doll via

I recently asked Stephanie Corfee update my little matryoshka dolls in the shop……mostly because I wanted to make these little plushies!  I printed out one of the images onto t-shirt transfer paper and ironed it onto white fabric.  I cut out the image leaving a 1/2″ border and cut out the same size for the back:

(Note: I use Dharma’s Super Soft Transfer Paper…..because it becomes part of the fabric (i.e. no slick or shiny image)

Make a t-shirt transfer doll (Step 1) via


I used my sewing machine to stitch around the edges……

Make a t-shirt transfer doll (Step 2) via

….but left a large gap at the bottom:

Make a t-shirt transfer doll (Step 3) via

I used the opening to add stuffing:

Make a t-shirt transfer doll (Step 4) via

And then hand stitched the bottom closed with a hidden stitch. You could add sand in the bottom to make it a door stop!

Make a Matryoshka t-shirt transfer doll via

Oh, and a t-shirt to match.  A fun way to make a few gifts for some special people……

Make a Matryoshka t-shirt transfer via

We offer the Matryoshka image in the shop as well as the black and white version (for silk screening as well). Make a black and white doll and let your kiddo color it themselves with fabric markers for a fun project….or gift it with a set of fabric markers for a stocking stuffer or birthday present.


Make a Matryoshka t-shirt transfer doll via

You can find both Matryoshka listings by clicking the images below:

Matryoshka Russian Nesting Doll Graphics via



  1. says

    Hey Ashley,
    This comment has nothing to do with your dolls, even though they are adorable. I’m hoping you find some time to answer me. I make and sell craft projects at a local boutique. I received a special order from the mother of a cancer patient for one of my fabric magnet boards. (She already purchased one from me and she and her daughter play with magnets on it when her mom gets to visit her at the hospital. However, she wants another magnet board that is a lot more girly!) My heart just wants to make one for her without charge. As a cancer patient and mom, do you think that is a good idea? I don’t want someone to feel like a charity case, but my heart goes out to anyone dealing with cancer…especially when they are only six and the outlook is not promising. I hope you have a minute to answer…Thanks (oh, and I love the way you parent!)

  2. Wendy says

    Kristin- just do it!!! Your heart is obviously giving you a sign, I say follow it. I’m a firm believer in “paying it forward” and following those subtle signs that the Universe sends out to us. 😉

  3. says

    Response to Kristin-as a cancer survivor too, I would like to let you know that I see no harm in all at offering it to her little girl as a “get well gift”. If her mother objects, just tell her that the Lord has blessed you and wants to use you as a blessing to others. I often found myself saying no to meals, offers of carpool….and was told that many times and it made me feel so much better and that I wasn’t putting anyone out. I think your gesture is precious and think they both would love it!

  4. Stephanie @ Our Marriage Adventure says

    Love this idea – do you offer a large size as a doorstop pattern? I only ask because I’m rather afraid the small size would encourage my dog to chomp chomp away rather then let them hold open doors!