Christmas Nativity Peg Dolls and Download

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Boo’s Box o’ Princesses and BOYville dolls were such a big hit last Christmas that I decided to commission my friend Stephanie Corfee to make a Christmas Nativity version!  I spent the last few days painting Baby Jesus, Jo-Fess (as Boo calls him), Mary and the rest of the Christmas peeps:

Paint Nativity Peg Dolls with Download via

I used 2″ peg dolls for Mary, Joseph and the three wise men. I purchased mine from Casey’s Wood Products.

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I used an angel peg doll, boy pegs and baby pegs for the angel, shepherds, and baby Jesus (also from Casey’s Wood Products):

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I use regular inexpensive craft paints. Here are the flesh and hair colors I used. I mix them together for blends:

Plaid and FolkArt Craft Paint Colors via


I always paint the flesh colors first:

What Kind of Paint to Use on Wood Peg Dolls via


And then work backwards in terms of layers: hair…..

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….then clothing….

Nativity Peg Doll Tips via


It makes sense to work on all of them at once and in stages so you don’t sit and watch paint dry!

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A little secret I’ll share….for small details I use Chalk Ink markers!  They are opaque and juicy…..great for faces and clothing detail.  You just need to make sure  you spray the finished dolls with a clear protective spray when they are finished.

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When my dolls were finished, I printed out the download that Stephanie created:

Stable download for nativity peg dolls via


I cut out all the pieces and created little easels for the backs of the smaller ones:

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Here’s a look at how the manger is created. I printed the download out twice and to add wood panels to the end. Also to make the double sided angel wings.

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The finished Nativity scene! Great for a gift or holiday decor.  Let your little ones color in the scene as they see fit with markers or crayons:

Nativity Peg Doll Set tutorial with PDF download via

Christmas Peg Doll Set tutorial with PDF download via


The sheep and the shepherds:

Shepherd Peg Doll Set tutorial with PDF download via


The three kings with their crowns and camel:

Three Wise Men Peg Doll Set tutorial with PDF download via

The angel of God:

How to make angel peg doll via

Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus:

Baby Jesus Peg Doll with Joseph and Mary via

To give it as a gift you can put the pieces into little linen bags…..

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And add it all to a jar….so the barn piece doesn’t have to be folded:

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Get the download free for a limited time below!  Click the image to download the PDF:

Christmas Nativity Download Free PDF Download for Limited Time via


Make sure to check out the other peg doll projects I’ve done with Stephanie….great for handmade Christmas gifts,

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  1. says

    Could I ask what “clear, protective spray” that you use when you are finished? I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by so many choices! Absolutely love this project. So adorable with the color-yourself backdrops and scenery pieces.

  2. Kimberly says

    My 12 y/o and I were so excited to see this post! We have hosted a craft party for tween girls so we can’t wait to do this with them!

  3. Julie Edwards McCartney says

    Again!!..Ashley!!..What a wonderful Project!!..I am up early!!..Hit, the Latte Stand! ( yes,!..Seattle) Hmm..( Honestly), after my Coffee Latte..Donut”Boston Cream” my Fav!!”..( if Safeway, only has Scones!!..I, Pull A “Boo Face”.. (as I have..pretty well! copied) At, least,..squirt, that ” Dried Up Scone..with Pudding!”..It works!!..Thxs , Miss Boo!..

  4. Julie Edwards McCartney says

    on…a more serious note..I have read..” Am I Still a Girl”..Blog..Saddened,..for, Sons, Family, Friends, ( I Felt like I, to!..Knew Jen)..Jen, is out..of her Misery!!..I, Am reading.”To Heaven and Back”..written by powerful!..the, Author, gives..”KUDDOS!..for Heaven”(0n Katie Couric(sp)Show..last week..Dang!! That Cancer..when time..your..”Cures”.. Repeat..or EMail..You, , are so Healthy!..All, those, “natural” cures, Chemo…I, only, recall, Coffee…Hmm,..Enemas..on your list, of Many! Cures, you…were trying..( do not know..reason for Coffee..Enemas, heard off,..pls Educate!! Also, the Journal..Project..has bought forth lives!..thank you!! I, RN,

  5. Monica says

    Thank you so much! What a special project–I made my neice the princess pack for a Christmas gift and working on boy version also. Now I need to get busy and make this to send right away. I love it– so thanks again! ( & to Stephanie)

  6. Terri Sue says

    I like this because I could make a more accurate Creche’. I don’t knw when the Wise men started showing up at the stable but it just isnt so! What I really don’t understand is when a Creche’ at the store doesn’t even have at least one shepheard. They WERE the ones there. I plan on making this for my grandson and I will probably make 6-8 shepherds. I made the princesses and prince’s for my granddaughter. My grand son isn’t quite old enough to be into super heros. Keep the ideas coming because they are so much fun to make.