The Lil Journal Project | Day 21

Sometimes just one word can cause our mind to venture way back into it’s archives and bring out a memory or a feeling from the past. As you read each of the words in today’s prompt, what comes to mind? For example if I read or hear the word Mustang….you might think of a car, or a horse or a football team……the word association you have is unique to your memories and experience:

Dad used to take me to Joe’s Mustang to buy crickets for fishing. The gas station had a huge rust colored horse that looked as if it were rearing up and out of the sign. I looked forward to the can of Country Time Lemonade Dad would buy me as a special treat.  I remember the smell of gasoline and motor oil mixed with the pungent smell of catfish bait.

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  1. Stephanie T says

    Thank you, Ashley! This looks like a fun one–I’m going to wait until I have my journal and pencil in hand before I even look at the words. I want my reactions to be spontaneous. Thanks for taking the week off as I was able to catch up a little.

  2. mom says

    I had forgotten about Joe’s Mustang!! I didn’t know Dad took you there to get crickets and a drink!! Sooo, sweet!! Makes me think about our little boat at Debordieu when we went out in the marsh to South Beach…looked like not other human had been there until we saw all the plastic trash the waves had washed up. We proceeded to get the trash bag and pick all of it up!! Memories are wonderful when you have a happy family! Thanks fo helping us remember!! mom