The “OTHER” Automatic Exposure Modes

The Automatic Exposure Scene Modes by Gayle Vehar via lilblueboo.comThe Automatic Exposure Scene Modes
With all the little automatic buttons and icons on the millions of different cameras, sometimes it is hard to know what settings or buttons do what.

If you are feeling a little intimidated by the settings on your camera’s exposure dials, today’s post might be just what you need to easily make sense of all that mess.

First, this is what your exposure dial looks like.
Nikon and Canon Exposure Dial by Gayle Vehar via

If you have a point and shoot, you may have scene modes with similar icons in your menu’s.

Automatic Camera Modes #photography by Gayle Vehar via

Your camera may have other modes on the dial.  I only chose the most generic ones.  Don’t be afraid to look the others up in your camera manual.  I KNOW that camera manuals can be intimidating and sometimes use language that doesn’t make sense, but you might surprise yourself and understand exactly what it says :)!


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  1. gina says

    OMG Thank you!!! I only ever use the “auto” dial because I am too lazy to learn how to use the other ones – haha!
    Cant wait to try some of the other auto buttons this weekend!