How to Detangle Doll Hair Tutorial

How to Detangle Doll Hair Tutorial via

Boo’s Barbie dolls were not looking that great.  (Especially Birthday Party Princess) Recently they spent a morning at the Lil Blue Boo School of Beauty. Here’s how to give your own Barbie dolls (and other dolls with similar hair) a makeover:

Easy step by step instructions on how to detangle doll hair via


Step 1: Mix 1 part water to 1 part liquid softener.
Step 2: Soak your doll’s hair in the mixture until thoroughly saturated.
Step 3: Hold the head of the doll tightly to prevent hair loss. Starting at the ends of the hair use a plastic or metal brush and begin brushing.
Step 4: Brush until you have removed the tangles.


How to get the tangles out of doll hair via

(Note: You can cut a little cape from a paper towel to preserve some of Barbie’s dignity)

Step 5: Once all the tangles are removed, rinse the hair with a mixture of 1 part distilled white vinegar to 1 part water. Repeat if necessary. This will help remove any residue in the hair.
Step 6: I use a dog coat conditioning spray (I used to use it on my horse too!) and spray into the hair.
Step 7: This will leave the hair with a silky finish and sheen that prevents tangling.
Step 8: Carefully brush out the hair with a fine tooth comb.


Doll hair detangle tutorial via

Step 9: Lastly cut a square piece of paper towel and wrap the hair carefully and press it flat.  This will help reshape the hair. Let the hair thoroughly dry.

Lil Blue Boo Doll hair detangle tutorial before and after via

Lil Blue Boo Doll doll detangle tutorial via

Now all of Boo’s Barbie dolls look new again!

(weird how they all look like clones though….)

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  1. dawn says

    OMG I Have to go and find a skanky looking Barbie doll right now and try this. Do you stay up all night thinking this stuff up?

  2. Michele C. says

    LOVE this trick. Must try it – between the barbies and the princess dolls we’re a house full of hot mess here!!

  3. Heather says

    If I had only known as a kid! My sister and I liked to tweak our Barbie’s hair. She always colored her Ken doll’s hair black with a Sharpie and named him Fonzie (a la Happy Days) and my Barbie was Trisha Yearwood and Ken was Bryan Adams. Music superstars of the 90’s, yes please.

    We were weird redneck kids. One time our barbie doll hair was so tangled that we just gave them wacky buzz cuts and said they were Army soldiers. And one time I stole a razor from the bathroom and shaved Fonzie’s face. It was never quite the same.

  4. shelley says

    I am so relieved that when I visit now all of the dolls…..mommy, daddy, Shana, Shakela, Shasta, Siema, and Samantha will have lovely hair. How did you ever figure out how to do it? Thank-you so much.
    Now if you could just figure out how to feed all those dolls
    in that little Barbie kitchen and drive everyone in that little Barbie sports car. I love you always, mom

  5. Becky B says

    I do something similar to my daughters AG dolls. You soak their hair in straight Downy making sure to not get their scalp wet with Downy or when you rinse it out and by taping cotton calls over their eyes. You can also make a mixture in a spray bottle to take the less messy hair. YouTube Downy Dunk and Downy Spritz. 😉 Works like a charm!

  6. ira lee says

    i think so blurring of barbie bits is in order. you can’t just flash barbie boobs all over the internet!!! :)

  7. says

    Great post! I was beginning to despair about the hair on my daughter’s “Princess Steffi”. I don’t think it helps that she is carried around by her hair :-/