Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Lil Blue Boo's 2013 Mother's Day Gift Guide via

1. Ring from The Vintage Pearl 2. Sunglasses from Ruche 3. Personalized Phone Cover from Tiny Prints 4. Mossimo Sandal from Target 5. Portrait Notepad from Pinhole Press 6. Dress from Ruche 7. Lace-Wrapped Rancher from Anthropologie 8. Portable iPhone Charger from Uncommon Goods 9. Makeup from Sephora 10. Monogram Mug from Anthropologie 11. Brag Book from Pinhole Press


Silhouette Black Friday Discounts and Giveaway Winner!

Black Friday discounts from Silhouette are here!



Visit Silhouette today and use code LILBLUEBOO and you will be able to get…

  • 1 Silhouette CAMEO® plus 1 copy of Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition (MSRP $349.98) for $229.99
  • 1 Silhouette Portrait™ for $179.99

silhouette advent calendar via
Did you see what I did with the new Limited Edition Silhouette Advent Calendar? You could get one of those for 40% off too with code LILBLUEBOO. If you entered the giveaway for the all new Silhouette Portrait…


Kim, email lisa (at) lilblueboo (dot) com to claim your prize.


Silhouette Black Friday deals expire November 30, 2012. Rain checks not available. % discount excludes Silhouette CAMEO®, Silhouette Portrait™, downloads, download cards, subscriptions, and gift cards.


Advent Calendar and a Silhouette Portrait Giveaway

I just finished this year’s advent calendar! (it was a lot quicker  than last years!) Now just a little over a week until Boo can start turning them over.  I used the new Silhouette frame and clip system, but mixed it up with…..

….Pen and Paint’s Printable Christmas Countdown Calendar.  Each day it gives us a family activity…..I think my favorite one is leaving a gift for the postman……it reminds me of when my mom used to do that for the trash collectors and mail carriers when I was little: [Read more…]

July Sponsor Giveaway!

I want to win the July Sponsor Giveaway at


Thank you so much to all of our amazing sponsors that donated to our July Giveaway. One lucky Lil Blue Boo reader is going to walk away with it all!


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SnapShop Photography Workshop & Giveaway


~contributed by Lisa



Ashley Ann from Under the Sycamore is no stranger to the Lil Blue Boo blog. She gave our readers some very helpful tips on how to take better pictures with a point and shoot camera during our 2 Weeks of Photography, and she participated in last months WWYM and created the cutest fabric coasters out of the challenge fabric. Today, we are thrilled to tell you more about her online photography course: SnapShop.

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New Lil Leggings Pattern

I have two new Lil Blue Boo patterns that are almost ready for the shop! The Lil Leggings pattern will be ready beginning of next week….it is out with my fabulous testers right now for final tweaking so I thought I’d hold a giveaway over the weekend! It is a great pattern that shows you how to use recycled knits or knit yardage to make custom leggings sizes 6M to girls 8. There are directions for using a regular sewing machine or a serger. This isn’t the final cover….but it works for now:
New Lil Leggings Pattern & Giveaway! (Updated For the SECOND time) via

Have a great weekend!

Vintage Charms and Trinkets – Charm Giveaway II

Someone Else’s Story

Charm bracelets often tell a story and represent different events and interests in a person’s life. I’ve come across a few vintage charm bracelets in antique or jewelry stores that I just couldn’t pass up. It just hurts my heart a little bit when I see “orphan” charm bracelets or even “orphan” photos (see my 2003 artist statement). Who did this bracelet belong to? Was someone looking for it somewhere?

The bracelet shown below was put together by someone I never met, each charm was picked out for a reason I’ll never know (a trip, a hobby, an event?), and for some reason they had to part with it (money, death, a relative who didn’t value it as much?). I love this bracelet because it spans many decades. It has very vintage charms on it from the 1940’s and 30’s, lots of detailed moveable charms, and more modern ones including buildings and mementos.
Vintage Charms and Trinkets - Charm Giveaway II via
Here are some closeups of some of my favorite charms on this bracelet:
Vintage Charms and Trinkets 2 - Charm Giveaway II via
1930/1940 Vintage Charms
Sewing machine, manual movie camera, spinning wheel
Vintage Charms and Trinkets 3 - Charm Giveaway II via
A great little lantern with red glass
Vintage Charms and Trinkets 4 - Charm Giveaway II via
Amazing little camera with leather around the outside (keep in mind this is the size of a fingernail!)
Vintage Charms and Trinkets 5 - Charm Giveaway II via
How cute is the ice cream cart? It opens to show 2 colors of ice cream (although I’ve never seen dark green and dark red ice cream before!)
Vintage Charms and Trinkets 6 - Charm Giveaway II via
Piano man that moves back and forth along the keys, typewriter with a roller that moves back and forth on a spring, rotary phone with moving dial
Vintage Charms and Trinkets 7 - Charm Giveaway II via
Was the previous bracelet owner a twin or have twins?
Vintage Charms and Trinkets 8 - Charm Giveaway II via
Can you guess what the above charm is?

Leave me a comment with your guess!
If you are the first to guess correctly I’ll put 10 extra entries in for you for the drawing.
Extra entry for all followers….just leave a comment letting me know!

Enter before this Monday, May 25th at midnight (eastern time). I’ll announce the randomly generated winner on Tuesday. US and Canada shipping only.

The winner gets the cute little charms shown below!
Vintage Charms and Trinkets 9 - Charm Giveaway II via
airstream trailer, high heeled shoe, cowboy hat